SEO Services

I provide stellar SEO services to brands from around the world.

My work is not bound by timezones or borders and is at the core, devoted to improving visibility and increasing conversions.

Better rankings and more visibility of your app or website, getting more downloads or views, more sales and e-mail signups, more traffic so that you get more conversions; these are all the ultimate goals I work towards.

SEO Consulting

My SEO Consulting services cover all aspects of SEO. I offer project specific SEO services too, which you can read about further down the page. I am available for any length of time with my SEO consulting service and typically get booked out weeks at a time. This service is ideal for any brand that requires SEO strategy and consultation for a range of projects and as part of an overall digital marketing strategy. The principles of SEO remain the same no matter the project, industry or medium. My goal remains the same: optimise for disovery, optimise for conversions. Book me for an SEO consultation today. Let’s get started.

App Store Optimisation – ASO

App Store Optimisation (also known as App Store SEO) is a common request in a world where mobile apps are ubiquitous. Your app takes a great amount of resources to develop so it would be a shame to see it flounder in the depths of mobile app marketplaces without proper promotion. That’s where my ASO services come in.

I will get your app found and seen by more people; the sort of people who will download and use your app. Whether you want to optimise for the Apple App Store or Google Play, I know how to optimise your app using the best and latest App Store SEO techniques. Get your app seen, found and downloaded with ASO. Let’s get started.

Online Reputation Management – ORM

Online Reputation Management is something everyone needs, not just big brands or celebrities and not just to keep the negative sentiment away. This is why I specialise in proactive ORM because the best defense is a good offense. Think about the damage any form of negative information online could do to your reputation? It’s not something you think can happen to you but when it does happen, it’s easy to be scattered and act out of desperation.

Work with me and let’s build a strong online reputation you will be proud of. Get started with your ORM today. Let’s get started.

Video SEO

Video SEO is all about getting as many views on your video as possible. And this only happens when your video gets found by people searching for its content. Without relying on services where likes, subscriptions and views can be bought (never a good idea, mind you), I can help your videos reach the heights you aim for. Video SEO looks at video platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo and how videos you produce and upload can get a better ranking and more views.

Whatever your goal with the video is, it can only be achieved when the video is seen. So invest in SEO for your videos and make the most of this creative and powerful medium. Start getting views for your videos now. Let’s get started.

E-commerce SEO

E-commerce SEO services offered by me focus on getting you more sales, plain and simple. More people adding to cart and completing their purchases. But first, you need to build awareness and get more visibility. People use search engines to find what they want so your online store needs to have strong SEO if you want to be found easily. No one can buy from your online if they can’t even find it in a search engine. It’s obvious.

My E-Commerce SEO service looks at how to make your online store more discoverable so that you can start making more sales. More money means more resources to invest back into your online store to make it the roaring success you want it to be. Let’s get you more sales with E-Commerce SEO today. Let’s get started.

International SEO

International SEO is an important part of maintaing an online presence that serves audiences that speak different languages and come from different countries. Whether you’re targeting one country with multiple languages or multiple countries and mutliple languages, investing in International SEO is vital if you want to send the right message. The world is shrinking, people are travelling more and the barriers to communication are breaking down every day. But you still need to make sure your website is available in the languages spoken by your target audience.

I will work with you to make sure a strong multilingual SEO strategy is implemented (no Google Translate). Everything is localised and hyper relevant to the people that matter the most to you: your customers. International SEO also ensures your website ranks well in search engines no matter where people find your brand, no matter what language they search in. Start ranking anywhere, in any language with International SEO. Let’s get started.

SEO for Non Profits

SEO for Non Profits is a cause close to my heart. I have served non profit groups for over 20 years in various capacities. A common problem that non profits face is a strain on technical or digital resources. It’s hard enough to find volunteers and funding, imagine how hard it is to build an online presence and maintain it. This is where an SEO expert like myself fits in quite comfortably. I love what I do so for me, this is about doing what I’m passionate about, for worthy causes that deserve far more attention than they get. Everyone should give back or pay it forward and this is my way of doing that.

My SEO for non profits service seeks to build awareness of the cause and with my background in design, I throw in my advice on how to build a better online presence to better convey the message of your non profit. Charities, welfare groups, etc – I can help you with SEO. Let’s help your organisation grow and help more people with non profit SEO. Let’s get started.

SEO for Publishers

SEO for Publishers is a necessity for any online publisher and in particular for those involved in news. In a sea of information, your content needs to stand out. And for news publishers, this is even more important at a time when news sources from other countries can easily outrank you for news that happens in your own backyard. SEO for Publishers requires a different approach to conventional SEO but the goal is always the same: maximise visibility of your content and get more conversions (whatever they may be in your situation). Your website is your biggest and best asset and should be the primary source of traffic – not a social media platform that can switch things up at the drop of a hat. So work with me and get your online publishing strategy leveled up with rock solid SEO. Get more people reading your content and staying on your site for longer with newsroom SEO and SEO for Publishers. Let’s get started.

SEO for Startups

SEO for Startups is a critical service that can easily make or break a startups journey to profitability. Why is it that important? because it’s the easiest, cheapest and quickest way to get results for your startup. In the time it takes you to go hunting for funding and to push out new releases or hit development milestones, SEO will have worked overtime to get your startup tremendous visibility in search engines. It works when you don’t but let’s face it, you’re in a startup so you’re working all the time. And that’s the same with SEO. SEO for Startups is something I specialise in because I address a fundamental problem most startups face: lack of awareness of the problem you’re trying to solve.

So many startups are built on solving problems we didn’t know we had or needed fixing; or addressing a need in a unique way that it’s often hard to pinpoint the right keywords to target. It’s even harder when you’re bootstrapped and working towards launch date. So that’s when I step in to take care of the SEO for your startup so that while you’re working away and building something great, you’re already getting interest and noticed online. Imagine what that will do for your funding goals? Invest in SEO for your startup and hit the ground running. Make your blood, sweat and tears worthwhile with SEO for startups. Let’s get started.

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