SEO for Startups

I love discovering new startups in any market and can appreciate the challenges that come with the territory.

You have to work out pricing, business processes, the technology that your startup is all about, marketing and so on.

SEO is something a lot of startups get wrong because they’re so focused on building and launching their product.

And because a lot of startups focus on solving problems people don’t even know they have, they sort of fade into obscurity unless somehow you get picked up on ProductHunt or BetaList or perhaps slashdot or reddit.

As a startup you’ve got a lot on your plate as it is. Thinking about SEO for your startup is almost always a lower priority. To me, that’s a big mistake.

SEO is something that takes time. Just like how your startup needs time to deliver a product or service, the same applies to your SEO strategy.

So the sooner you start your SEO, the sooner you can expect to see more visitors to your website and more interest in your startup.

Too many startups rely on startup directories, events and VC firms to get exposure. The best thing you can do for your startup is invest in SEO.

SEO seeks to improve the visibility of a website in a search engine so by investing in Startup SEO, you drastically improve how visible your startup is in Google.

But what if we’re not ready yet?

It doesn’t matter how far away your launch date is. You still need to tell the world you exist. Ever heard of this thing called e-mail? Combine it with SEO for a potent marketing mix.

Add an email sign up form to your website (even if it’s just a one pager) and let people sign up to stay up to date on news about your startup.


This gives you a huge list of people to contact once you’re live – think of it as a running start.

Don’t wait til you launch to find people to talk to about your startup. You can’t afford to wait.

We’re already live, is it too late for SEO?

Nope. Never. SEO can be done at any time but it’s always ideal to start as early as possible.

My SEO for Startups service can be weaved in at any point, no matter where you are as part of your business plan.

My Startup SEO strategies focus on building exposure for your startup in search engines. I can complement any existing marketing campaigns and media exposure.

What if we’re in an obscure niche?

If you’re solving a problem people don’t even know they had, it’s all the more reason to take SEO for your startup seriously.

By starting early with SEO, you help build up exposure and buzz about what you do.

When you propose to solve a problem, people get genuinely excited because everyone wants less problems.

It doesn’t matter how you best showcase your solutions to people’s problems, SEO knows no bounds.

If you need to create a video to better illustrate what your startup is building, that’s fine. I have a Video SEO service that can get you results.

Remember, with SEO, the goal is to make things get found. And if you’re solving a problem that people don’t realise they need solving, you need SEO more than ever.

When you invest in SEO for your startup, you invest in your business for the long term.

You begin the journey of making money instead of relying on VC funding.

You can focus on building your product or service without worrying about SEO – because that’s something I will take care of.

It’s one less thing for you to worry about and one more reason for your startup to succeed.

Talk to me today about SEO for startups and let’s get it started.