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All SEO advice that I give you is 100% personalised – you won’t get some automated machine print out from me, ever!

A website audit is critical at the start. It gives you and your SEO consultant (or SEO agency) an idea of the lay of the land.

It determines the resources needed and the direction the strategy will go in.

It’s a vital part of any digital marketing and indeed, SEO strategy.

The SEO audit is all about maximising your website growth.

This can only be done if your website is free of the problems that are causing it to underperform.

My SEO audits are never automated.

They are not direct exports from SEO tools and they’re definitely not outsourced to a 3rd party.

This is a key difference because I care enough to understand your business, your website and how to go about making it work so much harder for you. It’s not about dishing out a report, taking payment and then leaving you to fill in the blanks. If you knew how, you’d have done it already but you don’t so you’ve come to me.

Know the competition

My SEO audits give you a realistic idea of the landscape in which you compete in.

You have to understand your competition and how they fare compared to you online. It doesn’t matter how they run their business – what happens online is all that matters when the SEO audit is concerned.

You can replicate their strengths, exploit their weaknesses and begin the reclamation of market share. It’s not that hard to figure out.

Know yourself

My SEO audits also give you a realistic view of where you’re at right now and how things are looking.

It’s natural to be a little biased about your website and online presence. It’s natural to think things aren’t that bad or that it doesn’t need too much to get back on track.


Think of having a piece of food stuck in your teeth. You don’t always know it’s there until someone else points it out.

The same goes for your website. You won’t always know what’s wrong with it until an SEO expert like me comes along to show you what’s up.

From page speed to your backlink profile to the quality and frequency of your content, I look at it all. It’s a thorough, customised report of your website in its current form. If it’s good, I say it as such but if it’s terrible, I will not hold back.

That would be a gross disservice to you. You may have designed the website yourself but if it something sucks and it’s a problem for online growth, I will tell you. But the good news is, we’ll work on this together to get things working the way they should.

Know me

See, I’ve been doing this a while. As in, over a decade. I’ve done it for lots of different brands on a variety of campaigns so I have experience that’s comprehensive. In plainspeak: I got this.

So when I put together a website audit for you, you get a report that is put together using data from the various SEO tools at my disposal that help me get a better understanding of your website.

I prioritise items on the list so we know what to attack first. I make sure it’s highly actionable and not simply a statement of a problem. I always aim to work with my clients on making the fixes myself. But if you’ve got a team that can handle it, that’s cool too because I will work with them on this.

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