SEO Consulting

I offer SEO consulting services that have been built upon over 10 years of experience working for blue chip clients from around the world.

When you work with me as your SEO consultant, I will develop a rock solid SEO strategy that does what SEO is supposed to do: get your website more visibility in search engines.

More visibility of your website = higher rankings = more clicks = more traffic

and more traffic typically = more sales / signups / whatever it is you want people to do.

But if your website can’t be found easily, you won’t get sales because no one is going to visit it. Your website then becomes as useful as a pet rock.

You don’t just create a website only to keep it a secret. It’s not a case of ‘build it and they will come’ because unless people can find your website quickly and easily (ie. on page 1), then they won’t be visiting any time soon.

Lots of issues can plague a website and prevent it from ranking well or at all.

Here’s why you need to invest in SEO

SEO is the quickest, easiest and most cost effective way to help improve where your website ranks in a search engine.

SEO gets results and is quantifiable; meaning you know exactly what your return on investment will be. You can easily look at your success and pinpoint which parts were due to SEO.

SEO is a long term investment that pays off within just a few weeks when implemented correctly using best practices as recommended by search engines.

Most sessions on the internet begin with a search engine (most of the time it’s Google but in China it’s Baidu, in Russia it’s Yandex, in Korea they love Naver and Yahoo! is still popular in Japan!). So given how crucial a search engine is to a person’s internet experience, it would be stupid to ignore SEO for your website.

Face it, not everyone knows your brand or product or service. They won’t know unless you tell them but since you can’t speak to everyone everywhere, you have to make them find you.

SEO makes sure your brand, product or service is VISIBLE to the people that matter to your business. And if you get your SEO done right, you can target the RIGHT KIND OF PEOPLE so that all of that sweet juicy traffic from Google translates into paying customers who want to give you their money instead of tyre kickers who will waste your time.

SEO is affordable and strengthens that bottom line

There’s all kinds of traffic on the internet and it’s either paid for or it’s organic. Paid traffic is something like ads on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Organic traffic is that which comes from a search engine and comes ‘organically’ or naturally.

SEO is far more affordable than any paid strategy. They each have their place but SEO works 247, unlike paid traffic which stops working when your budget runs out for the day.

SEO is about attracting high quality, organic traffic all the time. Once you taste the sweet nectar of this beautiful free traffic that flows like a pristine clear river, you won’t need to rely on paid traffic which can quickly become a bottomless pit for your money.

For what it’s worth, I got my start in paid search and even got my AdWords certification back in 2006 (yeah I’m old school) but SEO has always been where my heart has been and where it will forever be. Which is why I know how to get you this free organic traffic which is constant and never really turns off.

Why you need to work with me as your SEO consultant

I’ve worked with clients of all sizes and in a great number of industries and niches. I have the expertise to get you the results you need to succeed.

I value my expertise and time and I value the same for you. This is why I cut out the fluff, get to meat of the matter and provide you with nothing but the best SEO service this side of the moon.

I want you to make more money whether it’s through online purchases or enquiries. SEO is the best way to get you long lasting results and it’s also the most cost effective.

Let’s get started on your SEO strategy today. Get a website audit done now.