E-Commerce SEO

E-commerce SEO is needed by anyone that sells anything. You could have one item for sale or an online store. Whatever it is, SEO is an essential tool in your marketing toolbox to sustainably get you results.

» This is the service you need if you’re constantly wondering: how do I get more people to find my online store or how do I get more sales without spending money on expensive ads or how do I make my online store rank higher in Google?

SEO will get your online store more visibility in search engines. It’s an affordable, long term solution to a problem that every online store has: how to get constantly get traffic.

Visibility is absolutely critical to the success of your e-commerce venture. If no one can find your site; if no one visits; if no one buys from you; you know what happens.

Over 90% of online activity begins with a query in a search engine. Essentially, most people start off at Google when they go online. So it pays to make sure your website is easily found in Google.

Invest in E-Commerce SEO for your online store

E-commerce SEO addresses issues across your website. From the way your content is displayed to product descriptions. Technical SEO problems with an online store can prevent search engines from accessing your content and your actual human customers could run into issues as well. You might as well be leaving money on the table. E-commerce SEO will help you increase sales and revenue, if you get your site setup and optimised correctly.

Some of the technical issues that E-commerce SEO addresses include:

  • page speed (paying customers don’t wait for a slow site)
  • keyword density and relevancy
  • pagination and navigation
  • Mobile friendliness (mobile traffic is growing – no one wants a poor mobile experience)

From the basics to more complex SEO problems, I offer a complete e-commerce SEO service.

But my goal is sales, not traffic – what now?

Your goal should be both because you can’t get sales without traffic and traffic without sales is pointless. That’s why my e-commerce SEO service seeks to fix both issues. We can only get you more sales once we get you more site visitors. The number one reason why your online store isn’t making the money it should is because you’re simply not attracting enough of the right kind of visitors.  This issue is not necessarily technical but it’s something that can be remedied through a robust content strategy that is tailored to your particular online store.

A content strategy for your online store helps go beyond the simple selling process. The goal is to improve visibility of your brand, store and products without the obvious hard sell. It’s about using SEO best practices to more affordably grow your online presence.  Content is a very important element of e-commerce success. It goes beyond page and product descriptions because you have to find unique ways to stand out from others in your niche. Ultimately it will drive more traffic to your online store and with that, more sales. I can easily work with an existing content strategy or create a new one from scratch.

You may already be running a Paid Search strategy or may consider one later down the track. My e-commerce SEO strategy is built for the long game and works in tandem with any existing or future Paid Search strategy.

Invest in SEO for your online store and improve your cashflow. It’s the most cost effective way towards making your online store a resounding success.

Talk to me about E-commerce SEO today.