App Store Optimisation

App Store Optimisation (ASO) is the process of optimising your app for discovery within app marketplaces like the App Store and Google Play.

Think of ASO as App Store SEO or Mobile App SEO.

» This is the service you need if you’re always wondering: how to get more app downloads or how to rank higher in the app store

ASO focuses on making sure your app is easily found and that it ranks well for keywords used by people searching each app marketplace. ASO also aims to get your app downloaded too – because it’s no use being seen if no one is downloading it!

As a general rule, increased visibility of your mobile app within app marketplaces will encourage more downloads of your app.

ASO helps make your investment into app development worthwhile. You’ve spent a lot of time and money making your app and it is there to fulfill a purpose. Let my ASO service help get your app seen and downloaded.

Whether your app is for iOS or Android or both, it deserves to be found easily. Like a diamond in the rough, your app needs to shine through; I can make that happen.

Research is done to identify competing apps or similar apps that show up in results when looking for your app or words that describe your app or what your app does. ASO then kicks in by optimising everything from your app name, to its categorisation and description and even your app icon and screenshots and video to make it stand out and give it the best chance of being seen in the app store. (If you don’t have a video for your app, you should seriously consider one, especially if you have a game or some other highly interactive app).

Also not to forget the concept of deep linking for mobile apps to provide a richer experience to users. Remember, it’s not just about making an app, wishing people will come and then counting money after. I will work with you to craft the best mobile app experience that gets you results.

I only follow best practices and use proven techniques to get you more downloads for your app. I ensure relevancy at all times without compromising on quality. App reviews will come through and we will work through them together to address points of concern. As and when your apps are updated, I will ensure there are accurate and timely release notes for each new version of your app.

There’s a bit more to app store optimisation or app store SEO, but I’ll cover that when we get working on your project. ASO can be done at any stage for any app but ideally, you should ready your ASO strategy long before your app launches.

ASO never ends though. App Marketplaces are evolving to suit user needs and behaviour so it is something that needs to be carried out on a regular basis. Monitoring app store analytics as well as Google Firebase and Google Analytics are great ways to measure performance and take action accordingly.

Who I’ve done ASO for:

I’ve worked on the Propertyfinder mobile apps for iOS and Android to get more downloads and become the first mobile app people use when searching for properties. My ASO skills were put to good use for the eSimsar (Saudi) and Sarouty (Morocco) mobile apps too.