SEO for non profits

I’ve been fortunate to have been of help to a number of non profit groups in South Africa, Australia and New Zealand and am committed to helping those who help others in need.

Many times a charity or welfare group will look to establish or grow their online presence but are pressed for time, resources and know-how.

That’s where I come in. I can help with most website related matters and of course, SEO.

SEO is actually more important to a non profit than people realise. Often, non profits struggle to get recognition and be found in search engines, not just for their names or acronyms but for the services they provide. Many people who could benefit from these groups don’t know they exist as a result – and my non profit SEO services help to bridge that gap and be part of the process of helping those in need.

I am willing to talk to any non profit and discuss how I can be of service. No matter your location, no matter your cause – I am committed to helping you.