SEO for Publishers

Publishers need SEO just as much as any other industry. Your brand can only carry you so far but SEO will take you further and where you need to be. At a time when advertising revenue in print is in decline and web publications battle ad blockers, your content needs to shine the brightest.

If your content isn’t found, it can’t be seen and if it can’t be seen, you get no traffic. No traffic means poor stats which makes it even harder to sell to advertisers.

With my SEO for Publishers service, I ensure your content gets the visibility it deserves no matter how crowded your market is. This isn’t just for the content that you know will always do well or that requires little promotional effort. This covers all your content so that you don’t have to worry about slow days and can look forward to steady growing traffic month on month.

Maintain your traffic, even without breaking news

When there’s breaking or trending news, your site would typically see spikes and strong growth but it’s often temporary and throws your numbers off if you’re doing week on week or month on month comparisons. But what happens when the news dies down? Why do you need to simply throw your hands in the air and complain about it being a slow week? With my strong SEO for Publishers service, you can still maintain traffic without a breaking news item or trending news story.

Grow your audience and traffic through SEO

As a publisher you know you have to tap every channel in order to maintain traffic. It’s a numbers game after all. But what did you do when Facebook stopped sending it’s typically high referral traffic? This is the problem with reliance on outside sources for traffic.

But there’s an easy solution. It’s called SEO and it’s made easy because you have one thing in your arsenal that no one else can control: your own website.

Your website is more powerful than any outside platform. You’re in charge and totally in control. With SEO, you can structure your site and your content so that it gets found in search engines easily. Search engines like Google are where just about every internet session begins. So why rely on a social media platform that could change at any moment?

Don’t leave your revenue at the mercy of others. Invest in your website. Invest in SEO.

What you get from my SEO for Publishers service

No matter how large your site is, I will be able to work with you on your Publisher SEO strategy.

My approach to SEO is a cautious one. I know how important traffic is, so I won’t recommend anything that could potentially damage traffic.

Every recommendation is prioritised and any potential risks are clearly outlined. Publisher websites cannot afford to have errors being thrown and for content to go missing – so this is something I will always keep in mind.

Publishers need to invest in an SEO strategy that helps them:

  • Make the most of Google News and the News carousel
  • Better understand Google AMP and assess whether it’s worth the implementation
  • Capitalise on Google Knowledge Graph and
  • Better understand trends, content performance and analytics
  • Optimise their content for the rise in Voice Search

I’m no stranger to working on websites with hundreds of thousands of URLs so if your site needs a migration (whether HTTP to HTTPS or to a new structure), I can assist.

I can provide SEO training to the newsroom and magazine editorial teams so that best practice SEO will become a natural part of the content creation process.

SEO for Publishers is an exciting area of SEO that I love.

It’s an excellent mix of technical SEO as well as content driven SEO.

Find yourself an SEO consultant who loves both. (hint: it’s me).