SEO Expert Brisbane

I’m the SEO expert Brisbane businesses deserve.

I’m an SEO consultant from Brisbane who has been helping Aussie businesses with amazing SEO for over 12 years. Hire me today, get more traffic and more sales.

I’ve lived in Brisbane for a large part of my life and it’s where I first got started working as an SEO expert.

My love for Brisbane is understated and I have a great understanding of the city and the nuances of running a business in the capital of Queensland.

I am currently not living in Brisbane but I never forget my roots and still maintain ties with businesses who require my help. I’m a loud and proud Queenslander that is Maroon to the bone! And this view of the Story Bridge at night never gets old! story bridge brisbane at night

I am a Brisbane SEO expert with over 12 years of experience that gets the best results

In this day and age, time and distance are no barrier to quality SEO services. In fact, I’ve met most of my clients face to face and often Skype with them to update them on their SEO campaigns.

I’m not just any SEO expert. I’ve worked on all sorts of campaigns for sole traders, small businesses and blue chip clients.

From plumbers to cake decorators, from tree removalists and promotional products; I’ve covered a lot of niches with my expert SEO advice.

I got my start helping local businesses in Brisbane and elsewhere in South East Queensland to develop an online presence and build it into a profitable venture for them.

At the time, people still relied on the YellowPages and were wary of going online.

I did a short stint in telemarketing, shilling online services like web design and SEO (it was not fun!).

Man was that an eye opener but I picked up a lot about how people viewed the internet at that time.

So this meant taking the time to learn about each business and how they worked, in order to craft something that still felt authentic to their business.

Technology can be scary, especially if the most advanced thing you’ve ever relied on is a fax machine.

This is how I built relationships and rapport with so many business owners across Brisbane.

They grew to know me as their go to guy for SEO consultancy that was honest, transparent, upfront and just dinkum.

SEO expertise you can rely on all the way to the bank

Choosing me as an SEO expert is a wise decision because you work with a committed and dedicated SEO professional who not only knows and loves Brisbane but who genuinely cares about getting you better rankings and more traffic.

Ultimately, I want to see your business thrive as a result of my work.

I don’t watch the clock or fill out timesheets – I do whatever it takes to ensure you see SEO results.

This means better rankings in Google, more visitors to your website and of course, more leads/sales.

Brisbane will always be my home

I make regular trips to Brisbane and do my best to meet with clients over a coffee and I’m always up to date with what’s happening in the city.

I’ve worked with the best SEO people in Brisbane too so you can rest assured knowing your campaigns are in safe hands.

In fact, you can ask them yourself – talk to the good folks at DEJAN. I was employee #1 and helped Dejan Petrovic (the best SEO in Australia) to set it up as the premier SEO agency of choice by brands like Fuji Xerox and Flight Centre.

Some of the things I can help with:

  • keyword research and helping you understand how your customers search and look for your products/services online
  • on page optimisation (using the above knowledge so that your website is setup in the right way)
  • getting more links (they work like votes and endorsements so we want a lot of these but from the best sources)
  • technical reviews (making sure your site is running well, there’s no issues and that it gives search engines like Google plenty of good reasons to keep coming back for more)
  • anything and everything related to getting you more app downloads and video views
  • and of course, helping you understand your data¬† – because you can’t afford to be making business decisions blindly

And I’m in the process of helping Kiwi businesses as their new favourite SEO Expert in Auckland. Gotta spread that trans-Tasman love right?

I’m the best SEO Expert Brisbane has exported as the resident SEO expert in Dubai.

Don’t trust anyone who makes any kind of bogus guarantees. They will fleece you, rob you of your valuable resources, and send you backwards.

Believe me when I say this about SEO: you get what you pay for and you can’t afford to take chances.

Give your business the best chance of survival online. Choose an SEO expert who has a clue, isn’t afraid to show you exactly what they do and what’s going on and who will always, always, always have your best interests at heart.

Talk to me today and put your SEO in the hands of someone who will always have your best interests at heart and never keep you in the dark.

Let’s get started on your next SEO project.