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Aussie in Dubai who is trusted by Etihad Airways, Atlantis The Palm Dubai, Gulf News, Property Finder and OSN to get incredible SEO results. Why choose any other SEO consultant?

jaaved khatree seo expert in dubai
Jaaved Khatree, SEO consultant to the world

Aussie in Dubai who has called the UAE home for 10 years. I’ve been trusted by Etihad Airways, Atlantis The Palm Dubai, Gulf News, Property Finder & OSN to get the best SEO results. Why choose anyone else?

I’m an SEO expert in Dubai with almost 20 years of real experience helping everyone from sole traders, charities, small businesses and large brands to improve their visibility in search engines. I was previously an SEO expert in Brisbane, Australia.

Dubai is my new home and I get to enjoy a view like this every single day! (really!)

dubai burj khalifa at night

In Dubai and the UAE, my SEO work has extended across brands like:

  • Etihad Airways (National airline of the United Arab Emirates)
  • Atlantis The Palm Dubai (5 star hotel and resort located on the Palm Jumeirah)
  • OSN (pay tv network in the Middle East)
  • Property Finder (real estate portal with a presence in 7 countries in MENA)
  • Mortgage Finder (mortgage broker, part of the Property Finder Group)
  • Gulf News (English language newspaper based in Dubai)
  • Al Nisr Publishing (parent company of Gulf News and variety of other publications)
  • (classifieds portal owned by Al Nisr Publishing)
  • flynas (low cost airline in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)
  • Regus Dubai (service office providers)
  • Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi (luxury 5 star hotel in Abu Dhabi)
  • Paris Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi (UAE branch of the famous French university)
  • DAFZA (Free Zone Authority based by Dubai Airport)
  • Spinneys
  • Waitrose
  • Choithrams
  • Nikki Beach
  • Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons
  • and so many others…

I complete technical audits of websites (because most ranking issues stem from technical problems that can be easily fixed) along with keyword research (know the right words and use them correctly), on-page optimisation and content development.

The end result? improved rankings, better traffic, more conversions and a stronger bottom line.

Dubai’s best SEO Expert is here

With regards to outsourcing, I never rely on it – I prefer to work on SEO campaigns myself.

The only times I ever consider outsourcing anything is if I don’t have the skills for example in video editing (as part of a video campaign involving SEO) or in content writing for a niche where I have little to no experience.

Even then, my outsourced partners are carefully chosen because I aim to protect your brand and your business every step of the way and leave nothing to chance.

And when it comes to the use of SEO tools, there’s plenty to choose from and I use whatever helps me to get the job done but as a seasoned SEO expert, I know not to rely on any one tool.

You can rest assured that my work is not just a copy of a report from an SEO tool.

I take the time to go through all the details of your website and link profile so that you get the right advice on the issues that matter.

When you work with me, you get reliable advice, professionally organised and presented, in a manner that makes sense to you and your business.

I focus on what matters to you the most and come up with next steps to achieve your goals using only what is considered to be the best SEO and digital marketing practices.

My genuine passion for the online space and my undying curiosity to know everything fuels my work as an SEO expert.

I never settle for second best and aim to deliver on my promises.

I don’t just want your online presence to do well – I NEED to see it do well.

This is why I spend less time clock watching and more time devising strategies that will get results.

dubai arabic logo

I like the branding for Dubai because it blends both English and Arabic letters together. If you think this is cool, you should check out some other clever Dubai logos with hidden Arabic text.

You benefit from my years of experience (12+) in agencies working for some huge brands, my impeccable client facing manner and my genuine desire to see you succeed. This is what sets me apart from anyone else who claims to be an SEO expert in Dubai – you’ll struggle to find a consultant with experienced as vast, varied and interesting as mine.

As for multilingual SEO / International SEO, I know how to get them started and setup in the best way. A lot of websites simply don’t do it right and they mess it all up – which means they lose a lot of dirhams.

In a place like Dubai with a global market at your doorstep, it’s critical to engage in a meaningful multilingual SEO campaign. I’m here to make that happen.

Why choose me as your SEO expert in Dubai?

  • I don’t rely on Google Ads to get exposure.
  • I don’t have a dodgy Google Maps listing with fake details.
  • I don’t use outdated SEO techniques like blog commenting.
  • I’ve worked with businesses of all sizes which means I can handle SEO projects of any size.
  • I have the experience, professionalism and tenacity you need to get you the best possible results.
  • I don’t fake it. What you see, is what you get.
  • I don’t have a keyword stuffed domain.
  • and I don’t compete on price or limit your keywords…

I am 100% transparent and tell you everything and hide nothing.

No one else can match this.

And if you’re looking for fast SEO results in the UAE, read that blog post and see why anyone promising fast, ‘guaranteed’ results is not just lying to you but they’re lying to themselves. TSK TSK!

Let’s discuss working on your SEO projects as the only freelance SEO expert in Dubai who knows how to achieve your goals in the best way possible.

» Check out the SEO section of my blog for my insights.

» I offer a wide range of SEO services that focus on getting results.

» I am also available for hire for extended periods of time as your in-house SEO Director or SEO Manager. I can work remotely or from your office. In fact, due to Covid-19, you should probably hire a remote SEO manager to make the most of the pandemic.

» I’m an Auckland SEO Expert too, ready to service New Zealand businesses with the best SEO services, ever.

And honestly, if you’re still not convinced by now, just compare me with others. It’s like chalk and cheese!

Let’s get started on your next SEO project.