SEO Expert Auckland

Auckland’s SEO Expert of choice

I’m an SEO consultant who gets the best results, just like the mighty New Zealand All Blacks. I’ve got the experience & gusto to help you make more money.

You’ve tried the rest and had terrible results. (admit it!)

Now it’s time to try the best and get fantastic results you deserve!

Kia Ora folks, I’m Jaaved and I’m an SEO consultant in Auckland, New Zealand.

I’ve flexed my SEO muscles in Australia and the Middle East for over a decade and now I’m ready to give Auckland and New Zealand businesses the best SEO services they’ve been craving for so long.

You have to know a few things about me first:

  1. I’m a diehard All Blacks fan and like our boys in black, I give it my all with everything I do. No matter your business, your audience or budget, I put on the war paint and fight for you every single day.
  2. I’ve been doing this for over 12 years – you’d be hard pressed to find other SEO consultants in the country with as much experience.
  3. Speaking of experience, I’ve worked for tree removalists, cake decorators, plumbers, lawyers, national airlines, pay tv networks, newspapers, classifieds portals, online stores and everything in between. Few will match this level of experience and variety. SEO principles are the same no matter what you work on but because I’ve done so much for so many businesses, I’ll be able to fix your ranking and traffic problems more quickly.
  4. What I offer you is a premium SEO service that goes beyond just SEO basics – why? because you deserve the best, plus, digital marketing channels don’t operate in silos. So my SEO consultancy considers other digital channels in your marketing mix for maximum results (and harmony). I used to be a pure SEO consultant but times change and so have I!

Now although I’m based in Auckland, I’m not JAFA.  But c’mon, you gotta love this view:

auckland city skyline in the sunshine
I took this photo from Takarunga in Devonport in case anyone is wondering.

I’m proud to give Kiwi businesses a huge leg up to compete not only on a national level, but on the world stage. We may be a small country but we can definitely punch above our weight.

And if you want to nail your competition, you need a rock solid SEO strategy that can withstand changes in search engine algorithms and anything your competitors come up with.

I mean, you need something so mean, that it absolutely smashes the daylights out of your competition.

There’s a lot of cowboys out there in Auckland, claiming to be brilliant at SEO.

They’ll promise you rankings and offer you super cheap services.

And they’ll just keep you in the dark about what’s happening.

They will say they will give you top rankings, guaranteed. But when even Google says not to trust anyone who makes this claim, how can you trust these sorts of people?!

Don’t take the bait. With SEO, you definitely get what you pay for!

With me, you get more value than you can throw a jandal at.

Here’s just some of the things I can help your business with:

  • Keyword research (knowing exactly the right kinds of words to focus on)
  • Competitor analysis (you need to understand your competition and where the gaps and opportunities are)
  • On-page optimisation (making sure pages on your site are setup to use words, images, links and code in the best possible way)
  • Technical SEO (this is where I go deep into the code and mechanics of your website to ensure it’s all running smoothly and giving search engines every reason to visit and remember your site)
  • Getting more links (they work like endorsements, so the more the merrier, as long as it’s from credible sources)
  • Fixing up your data collection and analysis (you gotta understand the data that comes with website management and performance and I can help with this so you can make educated business decisions).
  • All and anything related to mobile apps for iOS and Android along with anything related to videos (who doesn’t want loads of app downloads and views on YouTube!)
  • And if you’re looking to do business in other countries and languages, you can count on my extensive international SEO/multilingual SEO experience. I helped a 5 star resort focus on guests in UAE, India, China and Russia across 4 languages!

Remember, analytics is a big part of how you succeed online. A trustworthy SEO consultant will never skew the data to favour themselves. Instead, they will show you exactly how things are going and how to either reverse negative trends or capitalise on growth. And here’s a pro tip: always check what the organic traffic numbers are like, because SEO is all about organic traffic. If your SEO consultant is showing you all traffic and claiming a win, make sure you scrutinise the data! From click throughs to bounce rates, to avg. time on page, to organic visits vs paid visits, to traffic breakdowns per channel and so much more – always dive in head first with data. You will be glad you did.

Working with me as your dedicated SEO consultant is an excellent idea!

You get to work with someone with literal skin in the game. I’ve given enough blood, sweat and tears over the years in order to get the right results.

I’ve got a great level of experience that puts me in the best position to help your business: quite literally, I can help you no matter what your business is about.

And I’ve got that All Blacks spirit – plenty of mana and a burning desire to make a difference to your life, not just your business.

Because when you choose me as your SEO expert (who happens to be in Auckland), you put your competition on notice – you tell them: I’ve got an SEO consultant who is ready to go to war to win.

Now let’s get you started: grab a free website audit now and get ready to win big.

I’m Jaaved Khatree and I’m your SEO consultant in Auckland, New Zealand.