SEO for Muslim Brands

SEO consultancy for Muslim brands and companies is something I specialise in.

Been a Muslim all my life and have worked in SEO for over 15 years. Kinda makes sense to be great at this, doesn’t it?


So why hire a Muslim SEO expert to help your Muslim brand achieve greatness online?

Because only a Muslim will know how to research keywords and audiences and understand search intent, ie. understand the nature of what people are searching for.

And because a Muslim SEO will carry out legitimate, white hat SEO strategies using only above-board tactics (fully HALAL!)

Also safe to say that a Muslim SEO consultant is the only one who will be able to truly live and breathe your brand because of a common belief.

That’s ultimately what you want, right?

But my SEO services aren’t just for Muslims who run Muslim-centric brands, catering to a very Muslim community.

You could offer your products and services to Muslims as a key audience but very well offer it to others – but you may need to learn how to effectively market to Muslims – and this is where I as Muslim SEO consultant would come in.

Whether you need SEO for islamic finance products or halal food or modest clothing or Muslim-centric goods and services, I’m the person you need to help get you results – after all, when it comes to Islamic SEO, I know what to do.

I’ll help your website get more visitors, your app get more downloads and your video get more views. This is the power of SEO.

SEO for Muslims, or Muslim brands or products and services of an Islamic nature is a core speciality and by helping you, we help each other and ultimately, help the Ummah.

Hire me: a professional Muslim SEO consultant today and let’s get this halal bread!

Just fill out the free website audit form to get started. Bismillah!

And if you’re wondering who I am – my name is Jaaved and I’m a Dubai SEO expert.