Tech & Digital Events in Dubai and UAE 2018

uae tech digital events 2018

Calendar of Technology, Digital and Digital Marketing Events, Conferences, Summits, Seminars and Workshops in Dubai and UAE in 2018.

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This was once a calendar of digital marketing events but since these events are so few and far between in Dubai and elsewhere in the UAE, it’s been expanded upon to include anything in the technology and digital space that happens in any of the 7 emirates!

Whether it’s a digital marketing event covering SEO or PPC or Social Media or a general tech event, it will be in this list as long as it’s held somewhere in the UAE.

I hope we see even more of these events in the region because we have fantastic venues, loads of professionals and enthusiasts and a great need in a part of the world that has superb growth potential.

Let me know about any events, conferences, summits, seminars and workshops I’ve missed – message me on twitter or use the form on the homepage.

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