SEO Internship

So you want to be an SEO intern?

You’ve come to the right place.

I want to make this the best possible learning experience and I’m asking potential interns to fill out the form below.

This will help me find the right people to work with.

Just a few things to note:

  • this is open to anyone, anywhere (it is remote and your age, gender, other things about you don’t matter!)
  • I’m in Dubai so keep that in mind with the time difference for video calls (will try my best to accommodate you though!)
  • this is best suited to people with little to no experience
  • this is likely to turn into a group internship (I received over 100 applications already!)
  • This could run for a few months or even a year – I guess we’ll just have to see!
  • I will be keeping score with the Dad jokes. I am undefeated in this department but welcome you to try and dethrone me
  • I will provide you with all the references, recommendations and referrals you will ever need
  • I’ll even throw in a certificate for what it’s worth
  • and you’ll need a new dad joke every week!