Remote SEO

This page is dedicated to explaining the benefits of hiring for a Remote SEO role in any capacity (Director, Manager, Specialist).

SEO is a beautiful trade, where you can work remotely with ease.

This is why so many choose this line of work because of the flexibility it offers.

But also, for employers, the lure of hiring for a Remote SEO position is too good to pass up as it offers an excellent opportunity to secure tremendous talent without the typical hiring overheads (and going through an arduous recruitment process).

This is why I offer myself, Jaaved Khatree, as your Remote SEO Director, Remote SEO Manager or Remote SEO Specialist.

I can work for organisations in any time zone, from any time zone.

You benefit from nearly 2 decades of robust SEO experience for all sorts of businesses like airlines, supermarkets, publishers, hotels & resorts, small businesses, ecommerce ventures and more.

And you don’t have to worry about costly and lengthy hiring processes either.

Let’s have a chat and I’ll talk to you about the many different SEO success stories I’ve amassed in my career.

Remote work is the future and SEO has been at the forefront of this movement.

Don’t let your business struggle anymore with poor SEO. It deserves better.

You deserve better. Hire me as your Remote SEO resource and watch me go!

Let’s talk over a website audit and take it from there.