Hire a Remote SEO Manager

You should hire a Remote SEO Manager to take care of your SEO Strategy.

If the Covid-19 pandemic hasn’t revealed the benefits of remote work, then little else will.

But why should your SEO manager be remote?

Because it makes sense.

A Remote SEO Manager is quite simply, a manager of all SEO affairs who works remotely.

They could be in the same city, same country or even same continent. But just not in your actual office.

SEO is, by its very nature, a resilient line of work that can endure the tests of time.

SEO is, also by its very nature, work that can be done anywhere, at any time.

SEO is like Dubai or New York: it never sleeps.

When you hire a Remote SEO Manager, you reap the rewards and benefits of engaging in the concept of remote work.

If there is an office shutdown, or other reasons for your team not to work from the office, at least you know your SEO requirements are still being met – even if other business functions slow down or grind to a halt.

This is what it means to embrace remote work – to be able to hire someone to carry out essential tasks such as improving website visibility, acquiring more video views or app downloads, and simply making your online presence more profitable – all without the typical overheads of hiring an employee.

When you hire a remote SEO manager, they don’t even need to be officially part of your team. They could operate as a freelance SEO.

They may work from another location, in a different time zone (possibly), but they are aligned with your company goals.

The other benefit is that you don’t need to micromanage and worry about attendance and the usual boring details that go with employing people in an office.

A Remote SEO Manager would be available at times of your choosing for regular updates and would be judged by performance and results.

Hire a Remote SEO Manager today and see what a difference it will make to your business.