You know why you’re not getting anywhere?

It’s because of effort.

And the complete and utter lack of it.

I know I know, the AUDACITY.

But hear me out.

I asked a friend how he was getting on with videos for his motoring website.

His site is in a super competitive niche in Dubai : a motoring website.

(we have more grocery delivery businesses and motoring websites than anywhere else on the planet, PERIODT).

I told him to make more videos, promote the life out of them and he’ll soon be kicking it with the big boys.

He told me he listened to my advice.

He said:

“I got a lot of videos done, I put them up on YouTube but they’re not helping much at all. Traffic from videos is less than 1%. View counts are single or double digits. I’d be lucky to get 3 digits.”


I’m good at what I do but when someone says they followed my instructions and things didn’t work, that GETS ME CONCERNED.

So I took a look and 2 things stood out like a sore thumb:

  1. the videos look polished and he’s clearly invested in them.

(Clearly, made an effort to put out some quality vids)

But the other thing is this:

  1. the videos weren’t optimised for discovery. no one was ever going to find them in a hurry.

And this is the kicker.

You can’t invest in creating content without investing in promoting it.

This is what was wrong with the videos:

  • descriptions were short and boring
  • no link back to the relevant article on the site
  • no links to socials
  • no links to other relevant videos
  • no encouragement to like, subscribe and turn notifications on


You don’t need to look far to find some great video examples to follow.

There’s this chiro on YouTube by the name of Dr Tubio and he makes some dope chiro videos. And his video marketing is dope too.

(disclaimer: this is not an endorsement for chiro. make your own mind up!)

So back to Dr Tubio the chiro…

Here’s what all of his videos have: – great keyword rich title that isn’t spammy – a solid description to explain what’s happening in the video – links to socials, website and even an online store to buy his merch – ‘words that make this video findable’ section (this is a mixed bag but it doesn’t seem to hurt his YouTube SEO!) – and most of his videos have info about the intro music he uses, where he got it from and an offer to provide proof (music copyright is a big thing folks).

Clearly the man is MAKING AN EFFORT.

To me, his videos aren’t just polished. His marketing is too.

And he stands out on YouTube. There’s so many ASMR videos on there related to chiro and back cracks and what not. But here he is, standing out and getting his videos found.

One video from 2 weeks ago got 769,000 views!

Most of his videos exceed the 100k mark quickly and easily.

No doubt this is turning into BANK for the doc.

And this is where I end today’s lecture:

You need to be like Dr Tubio. AND MAKE AN EFFORT.

Otherwise, you’re wasting time, money and brain cells.

If you’re not making an effort with your promotions, why even bother?

This is a reminder for me first and foremost!

PS. Hit me up for a free website audit. I’d love to help you make an effort, today!

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