Why your SEO strategy can’t be based off a set number of keywords

That’s a mouthful.

But go with me.

Ask most SEO agencies about their packages and they’ll give you 3 (sometimes more) and the main difference will be in the number of keywords they target.

Sometimes it starts off generously (15-20~) but I’ve seen some offering 10 or less.

Whatever they give you, it’s asinine.

And you can’t trust them with your SEO strategy.


Because of so many reasons.

In SEO, we focus on organic vs paid. Organic traffic vs paid traffic. Organic acquisition of links vs paid links. Organic rankings vs paid rankings.

So given the organic nature of SEO, it stands to reason that our work should be organic.

It simply cannot be static.

Telling me as a business owner that I only get to target a handful of keywords a month, every month, is asinine.

Why is it so rigid?

My business is organic and constantly changes. Sometimes monthly, sometimes weekly, sometimes every few months. But it changes.

Shouldn’t my SEO adapt to these changes too?

This is why you can’t trust SEO agencies who restrict you to a set number of keywords.

This manner of SEO is shortsighted.

It also highlights how robotic these people are. I can almost guarantee they will give you an audit that is an export from an SEO tool and then just leave you to figure out what it all means.

I know all of this because I’ve done mystery shopping.

And it’s not pretty.

What makes it even worse is how cheap these services are offered.

If you select these vendors, you are a moth to the flame.

Don’t buy into this hype.

Because if you do, you will get screwed over. You will lose money and you wil eventually leave them to find someone better.

You’ll find me or my dedicated consultancy (Jambread) and you’ll ask yourself why my prices are so much higher.

It’s because you bought cheap, so now you buy twice.

Don’t be a chump.

Pay for proper, reliable SEO advice you can actually grow your business with.

Pay to work with someone who is transparent, honest, accountable and holds your hand every step of the way.

This is how I work as an SEO consultant. I don’t have time to nickel and dime people. I don’t have time to pull the wool over your eyes.

I only have time to make you more money. Because when you get paid, I get paid.

That’s all we really want.

OH and if you’re wondering what you should be focusing on for your SEO? It depends! every month will have lots of similar things but also lots of different things. It’s not all about keywords, trust me.

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