Why people don’t quit their jobs, no matter how bad it gets

One thing I’ve noticed in recent years is the push to encourage people to brave up and quit that toxic job.

Because it’s not worth their mental health. or physical health. or the money.

And I’m not saying this is bad advice.

Im just saying that it’s often easier said than done.

Because, not everyone can simply quit and put that toxic workplace behind them.

Maybe there’s poor job prospects.

Maybe there are decent job prospects but they haven’t quite found the right place.

Or maybe they’re just so scared and confused, they’re simply stuck.

Whatever it is – it’s better than being out on your ass, unemployed, with bills coming in and no source of income. That could be even more detrimental to their mental health and sense of wellbeing.

And before you gaslight someone about not having savings or multiple income streams, stop and think for a moment about privilege and how not everyone has these opportunities or resources.

I know what it’s like to be stuck in a toxic office, where the pay was decent but everything else was terrible.

I was comfortably uncomfortable.

I knew I needed to get out but I had just enough going for me to keep me stuck there.

This is where I feel most people are.

It’s not as if everyone is stuck in a poor paying, thankless labour law violation of a workplace. Sometimes the money is too good to ignore and maybe people need that kind of cash to pay for their lifestyle. Or maybe they’re footing a lot of bills that aren’t even theirs.

I know someone working 2 jobs because they needed to take on a relative’s loan repayments.

In this instance, the 2nd job really sucks but it takes care of the extra debt. And it sure as hell beats just working the 1 job and having this added liability over their head.

My point here is simple: yes, you should encourage people to abandon workplaces that don’t serve them well. But do so with tact and empathy. And with an air of context.

Not everyone can afford to abandon ship so easily. And it’s often with good reason.

If you’re stuck in a rut and want to get out, please reach out – I can provide some perspective and I also don’t want you to suffer in silence.

Never forget: you’re not alone!

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