Why I stay working in SEO

Most people will readily tell you how you got started in their line of work.
But most don’t tell you why they stay in it.
And it’s not just to pay the bills or because they enjoy it. Or both.
I got into SEO almost by accident. It’s a story for another day.
But I stay in SEO for reasons you might not realise.
It’s definitely not for the fame and fortune. Trust me.
I stay in SEO because it remains a victory over my bullies.
Not the industry bullies we unfortunately have to deal with.
But the bullies from my childhood.
The ones who made fun of me for not knowing things that they did.
It was silly unimportant nonsensical things. Not important stuff like capital cities, geography and history.
But no matter how small those things were, it was enough to make me feel all sorts of stupid and shame.
It’s why I buried myself in books and volumes of encyclopaedias (World Book, Child Craft and Encyclopedia Britannica anyone?).
I lived at the library. I wanted to know everything.
I would read at any moment I could.
I’d deprive myself of sleep just to keep reading and learning.
I was determined to feed my curiosity and never allow myself to be bullied all because I didn’t know anything.
I knew it wasn’t possibly to know it all but I didn’t care: I just hated not knowing things!
And that’s why I work in SEO.
The whole idea of SEO is to help content become more visible, or more easily found. And when you’re as curious as I am, working in search comes naturally.
You have this desire to find out about something and then you keep digging until you’ve satisfied your curiosity.
Sometimes it’s insatiable.
But that’s what keeps me working in SEO day in, day out.
I love learning how people find content.
And with that knowledge, I love figuring out how to make content easier to find.
Whether you have words or images or videos – you want people to find it quickly, wherever they look for it.
It’s about visibility and maximising it.
Seeing my work in action in search engines every day makes it worthwhile.
So this is why I stay in search.
To triumph over my bullies.
What keeps you working in your industry?

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