Why does this insurance page come up for phone number searches?

Now that I’ve got your attention with that stellar headline, let’s dive in.

I’m certain we’ve all used Google to find out who’s been calling us from an unknown number.

It works a lot of the time. And sometimes you get stuck with those ‘who called me’ sites which try to help (though sometimes you gotta pay to get the deets).

In the UAE, this is no different. However one thing that has always stood out is insureme.ae

It always comes up in search results for any and every phone number query I use.

insureme.ae serp result in google

You’ll notice that in the result, 383, 2004 and 7360 are bold whilst the other numbers are not.

This is because those were triggered by my query: 04 383 7360


Here’s another query I entered in from a number I didn’t immediately recognise:

another example of insureme.ae serp result in google

Same thing with the bold numbers that matched my query.

Now when I click on the result, I get taken to this page on the insureme.ae page:

insureme.ae landing page with form

It’s a standard landing page with a form, no content in relation to numbers. So how is this page coming up for all of these phone number queries?

Normally I’d say look into the code first but I had a look at the form and this gave me all the answers I needed. I confirmed this with a code check after.

It’s quite remarkable, really.

Youre searching for a phone number and not thinking about insurance. Insureme.ae comes up, you may be puzzled as to why (it’s not related to your search), but their name is now in your head, especially since you’re doing a lot of phone number searches in Google. It’s brilliant.

Here’s how they’re doing it:

insureme.ae number of employees dropdown
this is the main ‘culprit’ – the number of employees drop down box


insureme.ae number of employees dropdown even more
Normally you’d enter a number but this form wants you to scroll down to choose the EXACT number of employees


insureme.ae number of employees dropdown keeps going
and it keeps going down…


insureme.ae number of employees dropdown and keeps going even more
and going beyond 1000 employees… all the way down to 9000!


this is what the code looks like for the number of employees drop down box


yep, all the way down to 9000.


not to forget the mobile number prefix drop down box (this also triggers queries for numbers used in other countries!)


AHA. Very clever stuff. I mean, this is an excellent way to rank for so many queries in a seemingly innocuous way.

Now I wonder, does this page get a lot of traffic? It’s the group insurance landing page and NOT the homepage so this should be interesting:

insureme.ae group insurance URL

insureme.ae group insurance landing page ahrefs data
the usual metrics don’t look good here!


Remember, this page is a lead generator for the business. They probably don’t care about these metrics as the page ranks well for so many queries. I know from my own experience in Dubai that I see this site on just about all of the results pages in Google when I search for phone numbers.

I don’t know how this page is converting for them, given the disconnect between the intent behind the search query and the page content.

I searched for things like ‘group medical insurance’ and ‘company medical insurance’ and this page (or the site for that matter) were not on page 1.

It does make me question why there isn’t a greater push to make this page rank for queries that their customers would type in.

It seems like a big gamble to capture as much traffic as possible with a lot of hope and prayer that it will convert. I mean, the design is so dated! It reminds me of something I’d have designed circa 2007-2009!

Let me know what you think though – is this clever SEO? is it sneaky? is it just luck?

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