Why did I use ChatGPT to make dinner?!

If you’re like me, you don’t have time to be wasting time.

And when it comes to meal prep and making food for the fam, I’m all about saving time.

The other day I took out beef strips, capsicums, onions, garlic paste and ginger paste.

This is basic stuff and ingredients of a meal I’ve cooked many times before.

I wanted to change things up a bit and turned to ChatGPT.

I gave it a list of my ingredients, asked it how to cook it and away I went.

Now it did suggest I add dijon mustard and cooking cream.

I didn’t have dijon – so I asked if I could use whole grain instead. It said no problem.

I didn’t want to try it with the cream because it seemed risky.

I cooked up the meal and it was delish.

So why am I telling you this?

It’s not because I’m flexing that I can cook (it’s a simple meal but its an honest meal!)

It’s because Google’s results have become a dumpster fire.

And even worse, recipe sites are mega dumpster fires.

No one wants to scroll for ages past life stories, huge ad blocks, video ads that auto play and other crap before getting to the stuff that matters: the recipe.

Also, I know how to cook using these ingredients – I just wanted something a little different.

Can you imagine how much time I’d be wasting finding a recipe via Google?

This all plays a big part in SEO too.

In previous emails I’ve talked about getting to the point with your content. Obviously some topics need lengthy discussions but for the most part, CUT OUT THE FLUFF.

When you get to the point with your content, you are able to satisfy user intent – and you’re giving people what they want.

I’m working on some sites right now that are literally giving people the history and back stories to a range of topics – but frankly, the end user doesn’t give a damn. They need help with specific services and all they want to know is: can you help me?

(give them a quick one-two liner, give them a way to contact you, PROFIT).

Now even if I wasn’t in a rush, I still want my info quick.

And I went to ChatGPT because I knew it wouldn’t waste my time.

This is the name of the game.

Save everyone’s time (yours, mine, your customers).

Get to the point. Trim your content and be more concise. Say more, with less.

You know you can do it. And I know you can do it too.





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