What SEO really is all about

The other day I was trying to be funny.

When someone asked me what I do, I replied with this:

“I’m a visibility consultant”

Naturally, their eyes glazed over.

I wasn’t lying. SEO really is about visibility.

And I just wanted to be different and stand out from the crowd of marketing people.

I clarified further “online visibility”.

I help make websites, apps and videos become more visible to the people who are looking for them.

Glazed look did not change.

“I do marketing for websites”


I don’t blame this person for their reaction.

I was trying too hard to be different and assumed too much.

But in my defense, I can’t help myself.

I work hard to change the perception of SEO every day.

For most people, SEO means nothing.

For the rest, it’s usually talk about “Google this” and “rankings that” and “do you want backlinks and guest posts”.

And it’s the latter that’s most worrying.

I want people to understand that SEO is the art of making content more visible, wherever it needs to be found.

It’s not just keywords and links and people spamming you with offers that sound too good to be true.

I wish SEO was a money making machine, as in, a primary driver of revenue.

But it’s a smoke clearing machine that makes it so much easier to find stuff online.

This in turn helps make you more money.

Big difference.

So do me a favour. When you think about SEO, think about visibility.

And when you talk about SEO, talk about visibility.

Because that’s all SEO is supposed to do.

Anything else is a bonus.

Hire me as your Online Visibility Consultant and let’s get your content more visible and making you more money sooner!

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