What even is “great content” anyway?!

Like you, I’m fed up of hearing these 2 things:
‘stay home, stay safe’ (THANKS CORONAVIRUS).
‘make great content’
The first thing is hard to avoid and is especially annoying when most of us are legit not doing anything to get the virus.
It’s not like we’re out there licking bus stops and shopping trolleys or anything.
But the second thing. DAMN. Can we stop with this already?
Everyone wants to tell you to make great content but no one wants to help you define it.
And not because the definition will vary from niche to niche.
But because people be lazy.
Lucky for you I’m not that lazy. I’ve had 3 cups of coffee today and I’m not about to switch it out for some decaf.
Let’s go. Here’s an example you can chew on.
I got asked to help someone pitch for a digital marketing project.
The website that needed work is one of those that claim to sell you legit likes, followers and views on Instagram.
I’ve never been one to go down this sort of route (karma, people).
But nevertheless, I got asked to look into it and offer some advice.
I got given a bunch of competing sites to look at and here’s what I found:
1. They all ‘look’ the same. Same sort of structure, same sort of call to action, even the same social proof (‘someone in X location just bought XYZ’).
2. They’re all in a tricky competitive niche that can be hard to market (how do you advertise your services on Instagram, where your audience actually is?)
Now I will bet my bottom dirham that your run of the mill content marketer or SEO person will have no clue.
They’ll be recommending such great articles like ‘why you need more likes on Instagram’ and ‘7 things to look for when buying instagram likes’ and ‘how to beat the instagram algorithm’.
Why isn’t this great content? because it’s as boring as bat guano with half the appeal.
Putting aside the legit-ness of this kind of business, how do you expect to stand out with such low level content?
Nobody in their right mind thinks they’re gonna get #1 with ‘buy instagram likes’ or ‘buy instagram followers’.
You’ve gotta strap on your jetpack, take to the skies and get a birds eye view of things.
Ask yourself this: what problem are you solving, really?
You’re helping people get more likes and followers, sure.
But you’re out here helping people create the sort of content that garners more meaningful engagement.
The sort of stuff that FORCES people to like, follow and view because of FOMO.
I know that when I was active on Instagram, I would follow any account that had stuff I liked, because I had FOMO. The content was just too good to miss.
For what it’s worth, I’m into: graffiti, Arabic calligraphy and steak. I de-stress by watching videos of steak being grilled and sliced to perfection. I don’t care if I’m already following similar accounts already. If your content is dope, I do not want to miss out.
Anyway, enough about me.
What you want from your content strategy is something robust and long term, that goes beyond a quick fix.
The main site that sells Insta likes (in this list anyway) that leads the pack by a million miles has excellent quality content.
To me, this is how they truly stand out.
But you might ask: isn’t this counterintuitive?
If they’re all about quick wins and band-aid solutions with their near instant supply of likes & followers, why would they give you legit advice for the long game?
Because there’s no other way they’re gonna be able to peddle their wares.
There’s no other way they’re going to safely rank for their core offerings.
Here’s just some of their articles:
– how to get verified on insta
– when is the best time to post on insta?
– how the insta algo works
– your guide to insta analytics
– insta from above: stats & insights
Does this define great content? I think so.
I mean, it’s definitely a step in the right direction.
Oh I should add, they’re ‘sneaky’ by adding in 2020 to each title because you know, that SEO hack is so *hot* right now.
You want to learn about the best posting times because that’s how you get more eyeballs and likes. But while that takes time to work, you need a shot to the arm so you buy likes and followers for now.
This kind of content gets attention and it gets links. And since this content has links to their main product pages weaved into it, there’s an associated benefit.
See how this all works?
I’ve got so much to say about this whole ‘write great content’ palaver.
So look out for more truth bombs coming your way.
Don’t be afraid to use duct tape to stop the bleed for now. Just don’t expect it to hold forever.
Onwards, upwards and towards a mask-free life!

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