What do most small business websites and 8am lectures have in common?

A client came to me one time with a great looking website that they paid a lot of money for.

But they weren’t getting any leads at all.

Traffic was paltry and they couldn’t find their website in Google.

They were concerned, as you’d expect.

A lot of money went into this website. And it gave nothing back.

The return on investment was a big fat 0.

So I took a look at the website. Clicked around, checked out the source code, the usual stuff. No fancy diagnostics.

I then looked them straight in the eye and said: this website is an 8am lecture.

What the?

The blank look on their face said it all.

Let me explain.

No one wants to go to an 8am lecture.

Not even people like me who went to just about every single class at uni.

It’s certainly not a reflection of the lecturer’s ability or expertise. They definitely know their stuff.

But why oh why would you have a class so early in the morning?

It’s almost as if they want to keep their knowledge a secret.

This is the same for my client and countless other small business websites.

They’ve got plenty to say but no one to say it to.

Because they’re giving their class at 8am.

Nobody’s interested, at all.

No one wants to come to your 8am class because they don’t have a good enough reason to.

TRUTH. It hurts, doesn’t it?

So how do you fix this?

You could change your lecture time.


You could make people want to come to your 8am lecture by making it too good to miss.

You give them every reason to trust you and only you. You give them a reason to wake up early and hustle to get to class.

You show them your expertise and exert your authority in your niche.

Do you trust someone with skin in the game or a charlatan who just sprouted through the cracks overnight?

Wedding planner, lawyer or tree removalist.

Whatever it is that you do, you have to E-A-T.

Google recommends that apart from having a fast loading website that looks beautiful on any device, you should focus on E-A-T:




Think about that with everything you do on your website. If you’re not ticking those boxes, trash it. Move on.

You need to get this bread.
Secure the bag .
And whatever else the kids are saying these days.

This is going to be the point of difference between you and everybody else in your market.

Don’t keep your knowledge a secret.

Don’t hide your services and products from the world.

Give people every reason to come to your 8am lecture and make it worth their while.

Invest in SEO and give your website a fighting chance at ranking in Google.

It’s almost 2019 so you have to ask yourself one thing: what sort of 8am lecturer are you going to be in the year ahead?

All the best for 2019!

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