Using the holidays for a professional refresh – 5 steps

I’ll be working right through Christmas and into 2012, with the exception of the weekends and public holidays and I know many people are in a similar situation.

Work will still continue on my SEO campaigns but I am looking forward to the downtime for a professional refresh, not just a general refresh.

So what’s a professional refresh? For me, it’s a time where I get to go through my professional life and trim the fat – ie, analyse everything linked to me as a professional and make it work harder for me.

This isn’t about seeking a new career, it’s about giving yourself a better professional image by updating contacts, profile information and even your photo.

Since the downtime won’t involve daily calls with clients or aiming for inbox zero, this is a moment free from distraction to set yourself straight for 2012.

Here’s what’s on my professional refresh agenda – mind you, I’ll be doing it in board shorts with ice tea in hand!

1. Update Twitter – weed out profiles that no longer offer value and maybe even look at a background change!

2. Update resumé – not a lot has changed but it’s worth a review – maybe some wording change, maybe my goals/objectives have changed?

3. Update LinkedIn – give that bio a refresh (here’s a guide to avoid all the buzzwords), update work experience / skills / achievements and even the photo if possible. Find new contacts too!

4. Update my ‘online presence’ in general  – this involves Googling my name and updating profiles / info about me elsewhere.

5. Finally launch a re-designed – this has been in the pipeline and my version tracking has faded away.. a new site awaits in 2012!


What’s on your professional refresh agenda?

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