Time zones and customer service – a great example

It’s the simple things that make a difference to the online experience, especially when you offer SaaS (Software As A Service).

One of the many tools I have in my SEO arsenal is AWR Cloud and we’ve recently upped our usage and need a customised plan as our needs don’t fit in with their ready-made offerings.

I found this on their contact page which is such a nice simple touch to the overall customer service experience:


It indicates the times their support team is in the office, based on your local time zone. It’s so easy to specify a timezone (GMT, PST etc) but how many of us are always aware of timezones of other countries in relation to our own?

To me, this is a great example of a company going the extra mile to be courteous to its customers (and potential customers) and I know more e-commerce websites should follow suit.

Some things simply require a voice chat with another human being to break away that one last barrier to purchase and if all you had to do was follow AWR Cloud’s example, then imagine the potential benefit this could have on your revenue?

Companies like Amazon and Zappos are so hardcore about the customer experience – shouldn’t you be too?