The workplace is not a science experiment

And your staff/team members/co-workers are not lab rats.

There’s no room for mind games in the modern, productive, efficient and positive workplace.

People are the greatest resource in any workplace and they’re not specimens to be tested on.

Yes, you can always set slightly more challenging tasks than a person is used to, but this is beneficial and a test of their resolve and willingness to embrace a challenge. But if they ‘fail’ – is it really a problem? Perhaps they just need coaching to get them to the level you expect them to be at.

Why do some managers feel the need to simply play mind games with their team members because they think it’s a form of development?

Here’s an idea: encourage growth, help people come out of their shell and embrace challenges, overcome their fears… and help them become exceptionally productive members of your business.

Isn’t that what we should be striving for instead of looking for ways to make someone fail?

Corporate wellness isn’t just for subsidied gym memberships and weekly fruit box deliveries. It’s also about a positive, harmonious office culture where the environment is conducive to productivity, growth and happiness.