The funny game of SEO

SEO is a funny game.

You work with a range of clients from either side of the spectrum but finding the ones in the middle is super tough!

Small businesses want to do more and want better results, but don’t have the budget.

Large corporates have the budget but are too rigid to change.

And then the 1 client you’re able to find who has the budget and is eager and able to change, suddenly disappears!

At least, this has been my experience.

It can be very frustrating but it forces you to be extra creative and innovative (whilst also forcing you to work out of scope).

I remember clients complaining about not seeing much of an improvement in conversions even though they had improved in ranking.

Truth is, their website was not in the best shape, design-wise but they had no budget for the much needed overhaul.

So at the sake of my wallet, I made changes after hours and without charging a cent for it.

The end result was a big improvement in conversions for the price of my sanity!

It is worth it though. Because you get your money back tenfold when they’re super happy and they tell even more people about you.

This worked for me in Brisbane.

In Dubai, it’s somewhat different but it still relies on some great SEO expertise in a world where Pandas, Penguins and Hummingbirds, all high on Caffeine, roam the place!

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