The browser is everything, the search engine is everything

Back in November 2011, I wrote a short blog post about how the future is the browser and how Google will have more control than we realise.

It was on my old website and here’s the link to it from Wayback Machine:

I thought I’d post it up again because although it was short and not nearly as detailed as it could have been, it’s relevant today as we see Google eat the world (and our click throughs!).

Let me know what you think. Bear in mind, this was written at the end of 2011! Life was so much simpler then….

When Google started displaying things like currency conversions, flight details, real estate listings and even flight bookings,  I honestly thought they were going to sink the boot into sites dedicated to those sorts of services, especially when they acquired ITA Software (albeit with some strict rules).

They’ve sort of scaled back things a bit in that regard but with Chrome OS and Chromebooks abound, it’s got me thinking again about the concept that the browser is everything and the search engine is everything. Take it further to just having a browser that essentially was the search engine and where everything was conducted.

After playing with the new Google app on the iPad, I agree when some say they’ve snuck in features of Chrome OS into the iPad. I only use that app now for mail, G+ and searching. I feel it’s a very complete experience and I still love being able to type in currencies to convert along with flight details to help me work out if a flight is on schedule or not.

Google probably lost focus with a lot of things as they diversified but people downplay the impact Google will have in the coming years once they tighten their grip on localised searches and including a lot more things into the search experience.

They’re a bit like the All Blacks in some respects. When they get it right, they’re merciless and punish their opposition. But when they keep dropping the ball, people start to lose confidence.

Google has every reason to sink the boot into price comparison sites with Google Shopping. They can nail XE with currency conversions. Goodbye Babelfish thanks to Google Translate. Forget, use Google Real Estate Listings. But somehow Google just hasn’t managed to get their act together.

I feel that when they do (only a matter of time), they will BE the experience.

Anyway, rough thoughts on hump day. Feedback appreciated!



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