Social media listening experiment: business setup in dubai

Thought I would do a test on twitter to see which business had their social media listening strategy on point when it comes to setting up a business in Dubai.

Right now, I’d be happy with only 1 reply because I don’t have very high expectations due to my experience locally but I’m open to surprise!

I see ads for business setup services all over the place and although I don’t have immediate or pressing need to set a business up – I am curious to see which service provider has an active plan to monitor social media for potential leads, given the attractiveness of Dubai as a destination for business growth.

There’s so much opportunity in Dubai and with HH Sheikh Mohammed aiming to make Dubai an even bigger hub for business in the region, the time is now for anyone looking to setup a business in Dubai.

What will also be interesting is the way my ‘lead’ is handled (if and when they respond) – do they simply ask me to call them or send an email? do they refer me to some evergreen content on their website? or just to their website? I’d be impressed if someone did all of the above! Let’s see what happens…

UPDATES: no responses to my original tweet – except for 2 users marking it as a favourite. Followed up with a more verbose tweet, clearly asking for help and apart from a jovial response from a colleague, nothing yet:

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