Short and simple. Unlike me!

Do you know someone who doesn’t know how to keep things short?

You ask them something, they reply but it’s a super long reply and they end up rambling for ages.

So much so, you forget what you even asked in the first place.

Yeah we all know someone like that.

We might not be in a hurry, or particularly interested. But..

All we want is for them to get to the point.

Give us relevant details, quickly. So we can all move on.

It’s not a lot to ask, but sometimes feels like it is!

Keep this in mind with content for your website.

You’ll never have too much content. You’ll almost always have too little content.

And you may be tempted to keep writing til your keyboard breaks.

But you don’t need to write a lot. Just write enough to get the point across.

Nothing wrong with elaborating and going into detail (where it makes sense to do so).

But for the most part, people want and appreciate brevity.

Just get to the point!

And if you’re worrying about the impact this will have on your SEO… don’t.

Because there’s no magic number for any of this. From content length to number of times your main keywords are included, to how many links to add in (whether internal or external).

Get. To. The. Point.

That’s it.

This is especially targeted at you recipe bloggers who like keeping your recipes a secret underneath life stories and ads!

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