SEO world on fire right now

What’s good?

I’ll tell you what isn’t right now: the SEO world.

Man, it’s a dumpster fire within a dumpster fire.

Google is rolling out a huge update that’s going to take a fair while to complete.

SEO world is in a frenzy. SEO folks ratting out fellow SEO folks. SEO folks openly flaunting their exploits of the system.

And now the punishment comes down from Google and it is not just tanking rankings…

Oh no.

It is noindexing everything. It’s scorched earth. It’s personal.

I guess that’s what happens when you pull down Google’s pants in public and share the video with the world.

You will get beat, eventually.

For the rest of us though, we’ve got nothign to worry about.

We haven’t been using AI to write all our content.

We haven’t been using AI to publish content at a scale beyond human capacity.

We haven’t been finding loopholes and bragging about it.

I just finished up another SEO Clinic and I told my client about this latest update from Google.

Naturally, they were concerned. Because they use ChatGPT to help with content writing.

But the thing is: they only use it to help flesh out concepts and to give them a start. For the most part, it’s still written by a human.

And that’s ok.

AI is here to help us and make life easier. It’s not here to replace us (yet). I think…

Right now it’s too early to tell what’s really going on and how to react to Google’s update.

I would say this though: keep going with your usual updates and tweaks. Maybe, just maybe hold off on wholesale changes until after the update is complete.

It’s just me being cautious.

Of course, if you must launch today and if you cannot delay any new releases, go for it.

Just tie your camel.

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