SEO: the 8th Wonder of the World

What’s good?

It’s uncertain times right now. More-so than perhaps even Covid times (maybe I’m wrong!)

One thing for sure, SEO is alive and kicking.

But what about your business? What’s really happening right now? What will happen in the year ahead?

SEO helped so many businesses survive during Covid. And it helped many get started during Covid.

  • It’s low cost (compared to ads)
  • Easy to setup (it’s not all smoke and mirrors)
  • Sustainable (it’s “always on”)

What’s not to love?

And still there are people who doubt it and who place little to no value in it.


I can talk your ear off about retro video games. And I can do the same with SEO.

I know it works. I have the receipts.

People don’t value what they can’t see. Or where there’s little visibility.

To quote an (in)famous artist:

“Just because you can’t see anything, doesn’t mean I didn’t put hours of work into creating a particular piece”

I feel this way about SEO.

Because when I look at a website, I can tell whether it’s had SEO done on it (good or bad).

But the everyday person isn’t so savvy.

When you get your carpet cleaned, you can see the end result. You can see value in the service. Even if they didn’t clean it as you expected, you can always ask them to re-do it. And you will likely still pay for it. But you can’t deny the work that was done.

With SEO, it’s so invisible, (save for some actual content that is created for the site), that people don’t see value in it.

Yet it’s the one true channel that gives a damn about your website.

It cares about security, looking good on all devices and screen sizes, it cares about formatting and making navigation a breeze, it cares about how quickly the site loads… SEO actually cares more than people realise.

So how do we fix this?

I don’t know.

I over-communicate with my clients and tell them everything I’m doing and I do it to the point where I want them to turn around and say “ok stop, enough. too much SEO talk”.

But until that day arrives, I will keep harping on about SEO – the 8th wonder of the world.

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