SEO, Shakespeare and Links?

If I said your website has over 500 links pointing to it, you’d be impressed, right?

It’s ok to say yes. Most people would.

What if I said it’s not 500 websites, but 500 links spread across 65 websites.

Still impressed?

Probably and most people would be too.

But not all links are created the same.

You know that adage by Shakespeare, “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet” – implying that names are mere labels to distinguish things from one another.

This does not apply to SEO and links.

I discovered this terrible link profile from an insurance aggregator based here in the UAE.

uae insurance aggregator link profile

I was surprised that most links came from Government and University/College websites.

Normally these would be seen as high value stuff.

But they were in fact, absolute trash.

How? Why?

Because someone somewhere found an exploit to get content and links added to these sites. And then everyone played copycat.

Most of these links are comment spam so they automatically hold no value. And the rest are injected into the content like engine oil into a doughnut.

It’s just junk. And bad for you.

If I was the SEO agency responsible for this, I’d be embarrassed to even be paid for this. It’s shameful and deceptive.

Sadly, this sort of nonsense practice is widespread because the SEO world is full of numpties who lack moral fibre and who are only here to get paid, no matter what.

When it comes to SEO, links are important. Links pass “value”. So this is what gets SEO folks all excited when they see a chance to get a high value link.

But gettinglinks on a high authority site is only part of the puzzle.

We need to look at relevancy – does this link make sense to point back to our website? is it contextual?

Is there traffic potential here? are people going to tread the content where the link is placed and will they click on the link?

I mean, this is the sort of questions you should be asking when it comes to getting links for your website.

Otherwise you’re wasting time, energy, money, blood, tears…

Naturally if your content is fire, you’ll get links automatically but most of us don’t have that luxury so we have to go out and seek link opps. Yes, even me.

I’ve got a bunch of link opportunities I usually look for when I start working with new clients, of any size.

Hit me up if you want it.

Bear in mind, it won’t apply to you 100% but it’s designed to get you thinking about link potential.

No reason not to go about getting easy links as early as you can.

But as always, focus on fixing your site first before pimping it out for links.

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