When it comes to SEO, Just. Keep. Going.

That’s the advice I give to all my clients because I want them to succeed even more.

This is particularly the case when we work together to get major improvements in rankings and traffic.

Often, clients want to scale back after seeing great growth, usually by way of reducing their budget.

They say they want to take it easy because business has picked up, the website performance has been good enough and above all else, they’re happy.

I’m not about that life.

Because good enough is never enough.

See, most businesses that come to me are playing catch up with the competition and they need help fast.

They’re either majorly lagging behind (ie. not in the first 10 pages of Google) or they’re somewhere in the distance (page 2 or 3).

Now I never guarantee a #1 spot because no one can.

But I do guarantee improvements because if you do everything right and follow the SEO strategy, you will see improvements.

So when things improve for my clients, I encourage them to keep going.

This isn’t necessarily about increasing their budget.

It’s about sticking with the SEO strategy, keeping the momentum going and narrowing that gap between them and their competition that’s ahead of them.

And once they reach #1 and actually beat the competition? That’s an even bigger sign to keep going, full steam ahead.

But Jaaved, what’s better than #1 you ask?

I’ll tell you what: widening that gap until it’s a valley so far and wide that your competition can never catch up.

Why else would you stay in business?

Now SEO can take time and your results will vary depending on your niche and the state of your website.

But persistence pays off.

That’s a guarantee I can stand by.

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