SEO is the lifestyle change you need

I’m here to tell you that, despite what you might think, SEO is not a money printing endeavour.

Not for me as your humble neighbourhood SEO consultant.

And not for you as a business owner.

I know, we all have decisions we have to live with, because, reasons.

But let me explain what this is about.

SEO is merely the pathway to riches. It’s just not riches, itself.

Many website owners contact me to help with their SEO because their site is making no money, no one is visiting and they just feel the site is a terrible waste of time.

The thing is, SEO can only solve a traffic problem (as in, a visibility and findability problem).

Doing SEO does not automatically mean you can start ordering gold flakes with your drinks. It doesn’t magically turn your site into a money making, high traffic, ROI positive little thing overnight.

I have taken so many websites from obscurity to the top 3 spots in Google (sometimes even #1! LOLZ). But have they all seen a massive jump in sales? (or bookings or whatever).

Nope. I mean, they’ve mostly done well but not everyone was installing gold plated toilet seats and flying first class.

And that’s not the fault of SEO. It’s because of reasons… like the price aint right, the service is slow, people aren’t ready to commit – whatever.

This is stuff SEO can’t control (we’re not in the mob. We don’t make people offers they can’t refuse).

So my point is: treat SEO like one of the many things you adopt in a lifestyle change.

Quitting smoking or going to the gym isn’t going to suddenly change your life.

But it sure does help. Along with everything else.

You know it makes sense.


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