SEO is dead! Long live SEO!

SEO is dead!

Yeah yeah.

We’ve heard it all before.

For like, forever.

And I’ve said it in previous emails and I will say it again:

SEO is not dead. And it never will be.


If you look at all aspects of digital marketing, no other channel obsesses with the things that SEO does.

How many PPC, Social Media, Display Ads or Email marketing folks ever given a hoot about:
– duplicate content
– canonical tags
– hreflang and meta data
– pagination
– HTTPS and security
– mobile friendliness
– building content that attracts links
– just creating a bloody amazing web presence that looks great on any device and any internet connection
? ? ?

NOT MANY, thats for sure.

And this is precisely why SEO will never die.

Google may steal away our clicks and space for organic listings.

They may scrape our data and give us less keyword data to work with.

But all the traffic you send from PPC or email or social media will mean very little if your site:

– is slow to load on any connection
– doesn’t look great on any device
– fails to deliver the best damn user experience ever with words, pictures and video.

SEO folks have to the bear the brunt of a lot of web issues.

For some reason, it’s our fault when a lot of things go pear shaped.

But this is what makes us amazing because for the most part, we rise against the odds to fix things that are often not part of our remit.

And at the core of what SEO is all about, is the desire to build a great online experience.

That’s it.

If the site is slow, we’ll ask the devs to fix the code or massage the server.
If the content is lacking, we’ll ask the content writers to weave their word magic.
If the pricing sucks, we’ll ask sales to work on that.
If the design is terrible, we’ll ask designers to get creative.
If the whole thing barks like a dog, we’ll lay it out bare to the boss and tell him to raze it to the ground and start fresh.

We’ll even get stuck into your offline ads and get involved with your email marketing. Because that’s how we do.

I mean, which other role requires you to wear so many hats and stick your finger in so many pies?


So, my friends…

This is why SEO will never die.

Because no matter what, SEO is the very thing that will make or break your online existence.

I’m not ready to die on this hill but I’m still going to stand here and say this damn loud:

SEO is dead! Long live SEO!

Now fill in the Website Audit form today and let’s kick start your online life with the best SEO strategy ever.

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