SEO for Shopify

I love the Shopify system.

It’s one of the easiest e-commerce platforms I’ve ever used.

And when it comes to SEO for Shopify stores, I’ve got you covered.

I know how to quickly and easily get your Shopify online store optimised and ready for business.

A huge problem with online stores is that they can be complicated to modify when it comes to SEO. But not with Shopify.

And not when you have an SEO expert like me on the job.

I will not just help your website get optimised for discovery (your store needs to be found!). But I will work with you on customising your Shopify store so that it converts (people buy from you).

My SEO for Shopify services go beyond simply fixing up a few meta tags. It is geared towards making you money and ensuring you get a return on your investment.

Don’t get caught with an online store that is dead.

Nothing sucks more than paying good money to Shopify for an online store that is not found in Google and that has no paying customers.

SEO is the art of optimising a website for search engines. That is, to get a website found by people who are looking for what you’re selling.

Shopify SEO is tailored to the Shopify system. I know the ins and outs and where things can be tweaked so that your Shopify store is easily found by the people you want as customers.

And because I have a design and marketing background and a solid understanding of e-commerce, I will help you convert those visitors into customers.

This is because an online store that’s not being found is just as bad as online store that no one is buying from.

Nobody wants that.

So start off with a free website audit and let’s talk more about how I can make you more money when you sign up for my SEO for Shopify service.