Run up escalators the wrong way.

Sounds like terrible advice, right?

It’s a risk to your safety and that of others.

But it’s the way I explain a radical concept to people.

As much as this becomes a safety issue, what else is it?

It bucks the trend.

It goes against the grain.

It makes you stick out like a sore thumb.

In a crowded online space, you need to think like this.

Make your website run up the escalators the wrong way.

Do what others aren’t doing.

Sometimes it requires some really bizarre thinking.

Sometimes it’s as simple as not using certain web or SEO elements.

For example, everyone in the Recipes niche uses markup of some sort.

But with pictures accompanying listings in SERPs, how do you stand out?

Pictures of the same food can only look so different.

So what are your options?

Remove all markup?

Be more selective about which markup is used?

Change how you take your food photos?

Do things with your meta data that other sites aren’t doing?

All of the above?!

Whatever you do, it comes down to the same concept of doing something so different, people have to sit up and take notice.

Your mileage may vary with each change you make.

In fact, it definitely will vary.

But you’ll never know if you don’t try.

And if you’re stuck in a rut with stagnant growth, maybe this is exactly what you need to do?

You can stand still and let the world pass you by.

Or you can run up the escalator the wrong way. And really make things happen.

Ive got loads of crazy ideas. Hit me up and tell me what you want help with.

Whether you’re an SEO consultant like me or interested in SEO or just a business owner who is out of ideas  – I’ve got your back!

Lots of mad love from the craziest SEO consultant you know,

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