Rename your PDFs!

I was browsing the website of a popular restaurant chain in the UK and was keen on their menu.

They had different menus for each location so I chose London for the fun of it.

Filename: London_Menu2020.pdf

If someone sent me that, I’d have no idea what it was about, other than a 2020 menu for something in London.

Thankfully it wasn’t something like Final_version1.pdf – Lord have mercy!

Yes, people are curious and they’ll open the file to see what it is.

But did you know that search engines can crawl and index PDFs? (other docs too but go with me on this). And it starts with your PDF filename.

If I was this restaurant, I’d rename my PDF to something like: JK Burgers – London Menu – 2021.pdf

You know it’s about JK Burgers.

You know it’s for the London branch.

You know it’s current because 2021.

You get my point.

It’s simple stuff but so easy to overlook.

Get into the habit of naming things properly.

It takes a few more seconds of your time but it goes a long way.

This should apply to everything from images to your PDFs, slides and spreadsheets.

From your GTM tags and triggers to your reports in Google Analytics.

Make it easy for search engines and for humans. Make it obvious.

People will appreciate the little things like saving them time, even if it’s just a few minutes or even seconds.

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