QR codes – the friend you didn’t know you needed


What are they good for?!

You know how people love to hate QR codes?

I’m not one of them.

Sure, there’s a lot of poor implementation out there but there’s also plenty of great examples of how to do it right.

The equipment at my local gym has QR codes to scan that show you a video of how to use each machine.

And it got me thinking about how I wish more brands adopted them.

I’ve had to assemble a heap of things lately, mostly furniture. And I’ve also had to figure out how to use a bunch of different gadgets.

I may have been born before the internet and mobile phones but I’m no boomer.

I have a clue.

But sometimes people make instructions so damn complicated, I have to ask: WHY BOTHER?

For example, I had to help assemble a piece of furniture and a wheelbarrow.

Seemed simple enough and it even came with instructions.

But the problem was, the photos were poor quality black and white.

And instructions were as clear as mud.

I ended up winging it. Let’s hope everything stays together. Otherwise I’ll have a lot of problems to deal with.

What would have made this experience a whole lot better? Other than getting some other poor soul to assemble things for me?

Having video instructions to refer to.

Here’s how to make it happen:
1. Make a video with clear instructions.
2. Host it on your own site, not YouTube.
3. Make sure the page is optimised AF.
4. Then setup a QR code for the video.
5. Place it on the product or in the instruction manual.
People like me are going to scan it with our mobiles, prop the phone up, then watch the video for help.

And we’re going to put things together step by step, as per the video.

The benefits to this are:
– you get the traffic, not YouTube – and you can track this easily
– the customer gets authentic help and advice from you, not some rando on the internet
– and my favourite: you earn a boat load of trust which is absolutely $PRICELESS.

This isn’t rocket science.

It’s a unique way to be of value to your customers.

And you may get links out of it.

You may get a decent amount of traffic.

But more importantly, you cement your brand image in the customers mind.

You remind them that you’ve gone the extra mile to ENSURE they assemble and use the product correctly.


Think of it like this: you want to be that friend that is always available to help, never asking anything in return.

Who doesn’t want a dependable friend?

Be that friend.

Man I can’t wait for this lockdown to be over so I don’t get stuck having to assemble all this stuff I’ve been putting off for years!

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