Notes from Online Retailer 2012 #orec12

Once again, I wasn’t able to attend Online Retailer 2012 in Sydney *sad face*.

So I followed the tweets on Twitter with the hashtag #orec12.

I’ve been super busy at work so I kinda ended up curating the tweets in one big lot as opposed to day by day so it’s taken a while and I’m sure there’s some random tweets in there but for the most part, it’s all great – even if it’s in the order of most recent tweets to the oldest – there’s plenty of wonderful insights and tips so get stuck in!



Begin tweets:

For every extra second your page takes to load you lose 10% of your sales says Tim West from WhiteLabelled. #OREC12

Ideal landing page – 6 products above the fold says @martinnewman #OREC12

Think about incl a hover box on your checkout page for your shipping policy instead of sending your customers to a page full of text #OREC12

Ideal landing page – 6 products above the fold says @martinnewman #OREC12

Good idea to incentivise customers to give you their details says @martinnewman #OREC12

Regular users should be treated special, they are your brand advocates says @martinnewman #OREC12

Posted to SlideShare my “Adding Personal Touch to Automation” session from yesterday at #OREC12 – cheers

Expert comment reviews will add credibility #OREC12

Retailers are becoming publishers #OREC12

Video – doesn’t need to be high production value but needs to be useful to the customer and give them a better experience #OREC12

Digital catalogues are making a come-back with the tablet. Are you ready? #OREC12

Carefully curated styled images are always going to work better than flat images + make sure your catalogue is optimised for mobile #OREC12

Video content in any form is proven to increase conversion. How much video is on your site? #OREC12

1/3 of all shopping searches begin at

Perfect summation of #orec12

The first 2 lines of your email decides whether it leads to a conversion or not – @amyafrica #OREC12

@amyafrica : “Design the site for the people who are using it – not for the CEO!” #wisewords #orec12 ^AL

Navigation is the first thing to get right on your e-commerce website #OREC12

Only 5 people in the room know how to use #googleanalytics to see how many products are viewed, added to cart then bought #orec12 ^AL

Radio campaigns have been the best for Iconic after SEM and newsletters – says Finn Age, cofounder of Iconic…humm.. #OREC12

yes! RT @StyleTread: RT @eretailer: @Styletread says celebrating mistakes creates an environment of trust and is key to innovation #OREC12

RT @eretailer: @Styletread says celebrating mistakes creates an environment of trust and is the key to innovation #OREC12

RT @engagemarketing: A third of your subscribers are reading their emails on mobile devices #orec12 @lorenmcdonald

Melanie Schwarz Melanie Schwarz ?@happymels

@lorenmcdonald brilliant presentation on The Personal Touch #OREC12

Cameron Scott Cameron Scott ?@thoughtville

@lorenmcdonald – the finger is the new mouse #OREC12

A third of your subscribers are reading their emails on mobile devices #orec12 @lorenmcdonald

I was hungry and @agnte fed me so to conclude use Bulletproof for your hosting #orec12

The finger is the new mouse #orec12 @lorenmcdonald

@LorenMcDonald Nice quote – “Dude, lose the corporate speak” – in regards to social, especially in FB. #OREC12

Dude lose the corporate speak to get personal #orec12 @lorenmcdonald

Great brand awareness overseas does not happen overnight, stay the course and play to your strengths says Ben Hare from Tinyme #OREC12

TinyMe suggests when heading overseas kick start your word of mouth campaign by seeking referrals from your existing customer base #OREC12

Presenting #IBM #CMO study findings at #OREC12 at 3:15. Find out 3 CMO focus areas to drive business success

Recommend other items customers may be interested to get more personal #orec12 @lorenmcdonald

Huge fan of old skool digital people who’ve been at it 15+ years. #OREC12

Educate your customers after the purchase. The real value is after the purchase. #orec12 @lorenmcdonald

#orec12 check out making every click count Track A. Awesome panel learn some great insight avoid wasting ad $$$. See you there at 3.50pm

Be helpful in communications . Remember important dates with an email reminder services #orec12 @lorenmcdonald

When taking your business overseas & structuring your business keep in mind : tax, legal liability, banking and accounting #tinyme #OREC12

Make a connection between employees and customers in marketing #orec12 @lorenmcdonald

Solid presentation by @LorenMcDonald Personalise your digital assets, especially the copy. Also likes the word “right”. #OREC12 cc@EdBellNZ

Take a human soft tone in the language of communications to be human and personal #orec12 @lorenmcdonald

Use real people in images for communications to help connect to customers #orec12 @lorenmcdonald

It’s so important to have an IP strategy! Register trademarks early, an expensive but valuable exercise #tinyme #OREC12

This seo chat at #orec12 is my highlight.

There are 10 personal touch elements #orec12 @lorenmcdonald

If you are human your customers will look forward to your communications #orec12 @lorenmcdonald

‘Personal touch helps consumers to make the right choice.’ Too right @lorenmcdonald #OREC12

With its giant jar of Lindt balls, I think IBM might just have won #orec12

Ready to take your business global? Austrade is a great resource of help and networking opportunities says Ben Hare from TinyMe #OREC12

The personal touch helps consumers make the right choice #orec12 @lorenmcdonald

Last few hours to come visit our stand at #OREC12 – stop by and learn more about our payment gateway products from our friendly team!

@lorenmcdonald you don’t look a day over 30 #OREC12

Nice to see some @ChannelAdvisor friends at #OREC12 :)

Want to know how to leverage Google analytics to drive increased sales? Head to Track B #OREC12

There are some great sessions at #onlineretailer today – what has been your favourite so far? #OREC12 @eretailer

Interactive cross-channel retail demo coming up in Big Ideas Theatre 2.40pm – should be interesting. #orec12

To get your @emailvision white paper on #emailmarketing, email ask(at) #OREC12 @eretailer

Use user-driven, natural language in your marketing. Talk like your customers talk – not like marketers. #OREC12

Macy’s (US) : Every dollar spent online influences $5.77 spent in store in the next 10 days. #foodforthought #orec12 ^AL

Use post-purchase feedback as content. Simple and actionable… Great tip! #orec12

Really good presentation by @permission_syd to kick off the afternoon. #OREC12

Great session from Nick Gold from @emailvision on #EmailMarketing – any questions, visit @permission_syd at stand 1400. #OREC12

@permission_syd Thanks for the presentation on Email Campaigning. #OREC12

Had a great time at #OREC12 with @nzmikewilson & @EdBellNZ #teamsmashingit TTFN

Test campaigns with live tools and monitor success so you can adjust your campaigns moving forward. #OREC12

Building a good email marketing reputation is valuable. Regular but not excessive, same time of week, good content mix, etc. #OREC12

Good content mix and subject lines are important to help you maximise your emails marketing results. #OREC12

Build and manage your brand and reputation / IP reputation based on emails you send. Make sure you have good data to reduce bounces. #OREC12

’90% of sent email in 2011 was spam.’ Incredible statistic! Illustrates how valuable an opt-in address is. #orec12

Emails that aren’t opt-in are classified as spam. #OREC12

90% of email sent in 2011 was spam #fact #orec12 ^AL

90% of emails are spam – how do you make sure your email gets seen? #OREC12

Regular email marketing triggers creates a life-cycle. Track and plan this life-cycle so the customer knows what’s coming next. #OREC12

Automation in emails can be a great tool to present a relevant message & saves time. #orec12

Automation in your email marketing helps with customer satisfaction, reactivation and also triggers reminders. #OREC12

#orec12 speaking in 5 mins the e commerce theatre in the expo hall. Sharing 3 amazing local case studies and one exclusive

An automatic database updates fields and personalises emails to customers to make marketing more effective and efficient. #OREC12

Dynamic content from @emailvision helps you develop relevant programs automatically. #OREC12

You can target offers and discounts based on spending patterns and previous category purchases. #OREC12

Are you using affiliate marketing? Not too many hands raised in the marketplace discussion for small retailers #OREC12

Relevance is everything in email marketing. #OREC12

Collate information and segment it to make sure you’re sending relevant information to your customer. #OREC12

@emailvision can identify new target groups using dynamic drag and drop segmentation and query tools. #OREC12

Maximise customer retention and cross-sell opportunities by segmenting your email database. #OREC12

Looking forward to October – launch of @gs1goscan as announced at #OREC12

Segment your email data to maximise your data potential. #OREC12

Remember, people buying on a marketplace have higher expectations, learn to manage them. Tips from The Nile #OREC12

The speaker prep room needs a day bed and some of those little fish that nibble your feed #orec12

Don’t be scared to let people update their details & receive emails on what THEY like. Not sure about your data? Ask! #orec12

Nick from @emailvision says sending updates is important, so customers only receive relevant info and can change their preferences #OREC12

Jethro Marks from The Nile discussing leveraging multiple marketplace for small retailers #OREC12

A preference centre enables you to find out all the information you need from your customer. #OREC12

Two stage email subscribers (sign up then confirm) are better customers. #OREC12

Make the sign-up process a two-stage one. It results in stronger data. E.g email confirmation link. #OREC12

In your unsubscribe option, make sure you find out why they have decided to unsubscribe. #OREC12

The evolution of email: Mass email & social marketing –> Targeted email & social marketing –> Analytics driven 1 – 1 marketing #orec12 ^AL

Always include a ‘forward to a friend’, recommendations from friends create strong email lists. #OREC12

Totes @eretailer #OREC12

When you are building your email list, make it very easy. Keep it simple and tell them what they’re signing up for, in detail. #OREC12

There is definitely a market for quality music tracks for company intro videos #orec12

Even advanced marketers talk about the size of their database. Remember, it’s about quality, not quantity. #OREC12

“Data is the new oil and just needs to be refined” – my favorite quote so far at #OREC12

Member data? Collect at every opportunity! #EmailMarketing #OREC12

Nick from @emailvision says marketing goals are now much more targeted and analytical than in the past. #OREC12

Loving hearing about what customers want from email #OREC12

Practical hints and tips on how to create an email marketing strategy that works in Track A. #OREC12

In the small retailer stream for the next session – will be good to see The Nile and Tinyme perspectives #orec12

Love this! – distribute growers’ produce 2 homes + park in spot 4 hrs, notify customers & let them come 2 shop! #orec12

Everyone is saying that Mobile is the big thing at #OREC12 Personally I don’t see what the big fuss is. – Sent from my iPhone

“@EdBellNZ: “I don’t think QR codes will exist in 3 years. They are rubbish.” @Jake_Hird #OREC12” finally someone agrees with me.

Tailoring the experience to each user is really powerful. Explore this new area and leverage new data in other areas. #OREC12

Love @styletread’s ‘house’ system to drive cross-dept happiness in the workplace. What house colour were you at school? #orec12

Personalised requires dedication and investment. Really fine-tune your rules using @avail_net #OREC12

The north face – Recommendations generated 150k banner clicks #orec12

Make recommendations for products as well as categories to increase relevancy for your customer. #OREC12

3 big things for 2015? Facial recognition, connected TV & the digital enabling of inanimate objects! Brilliant morning at #orec12

Increase visibility, up-sell and cross-sell based on user preferences. #OREC12

Leverage feedback for sales leads, retargeting, service deflection and product insight. Hear more at booth 1234, #OREC12

Make sure your landing page is engaging and inspirational. #OREC12

Team first, customer second. Never treat a customer better than an employee. Great approach to a strong culture at Styletread #OREC12

Attract, convert and upsell are the first three steps for dynamic merchandising. #OREC12

Goals were to automate #merchandising and leverage a broader assortment of products. #OREC12

“If you don’t have a mobile strategy you don’t have a future strategy” Eric Schmidt #orec12 ^AL

“I don’t think QR codes will exist in 3 years. They are rubbish.” @Jake_Hird #OREC12

QR codes to be obsolete in three years say #eConsultancy! Interesting point, backed up with better solutions. #orec12

Does your business do this? Styletread says celebrating mistakes creates an environment of trust and is the key to innovation #OREC12

@Econsultancy “4 P’s are now 4 E’s” Product -> Experience, Place -> Everyplace, Price -> Exchange and Promotion -> Evangelism #orec12 ^AL

The North Face launched its online store in start-up style in late 2009. By end 2011 had 31% increase in sales. #OREC12

“Data is the new oil. Take it, refine it, use it everywhere.” @Jake_Hird #OREC12

Styletread uses an internal social media community called Yammer to communicate all levels. #OREC12

Great insights from @Jake_Hird at #OREC12 – “Mobile traffic accounted for 10% of total global web traffic, May 2012”.

Which products are relevant to this individual, right now? Make sure you retain shoppers by personalising your carts and advertising #OREC12

Tools like @avail_net allows you to personalise your shopping cart. #OREC12

You are how you behave online, says Jeremy Glass from @permission_syd #OREC12

Best job title of the event goes to Mark Rowland from Styletread – Chief Happiness Officer #OREC12

‘I never think of the future, it comes soon enough’ #OREC12 @eretailer

‘If you don’t have a mobile strategy, you don’t have a future strategy’ Bold ideas… Love them! #OREC12

Demographic is one way to personalise your product. Another is behavioural, based on how they search and click. #OREC12

Don’t waste consumers’ time. Communicate in a way and time that maximises relevancy for your customer. #OREC12

Jeremy Glass says personalisation drives sales, helping consumers find what they need. #OREC12

Embarassed I only just learned about retargeting! Google it! Thanks @JoannaLord for the introduction. #OREC12

Banner fatigue happens faster in retargeting/remarketing. Be prepared to refresh creative often #orec12 ^AL

I’ll join that cult RT @Wooderbeen: Aarrgh, how did I not know about all these retargeting opportunities? @joannalord is my new guru #orec12

Aarrgh, how did I not know about all these retargeting opportunities? @joannalord is my new guru! #orec12

Jane from birdnests spoke very passionately about her company culture – or birdsong. Loves her customers and knows them intimately. #orec12

Jane from @birdsnestonline shares her birdsong – sung to the tune of “sisters doin’ it for themselves” #OREC12

The amazing thing about the birdsnest tale is how early they were to the online game. #orec12

Think big even if you have to act small – great advice to all small businesses! #birdsnest #OREC12

Crowd loving the talk from Birdsnest – 70% of their business comes from repeat customers! Do your customers feel the love? #OREC12

“Sequence your leads. Introduce then Influence then Convert.” loving this session from @joannalord #orec12

@JoannaLord #OREC12 – we are in a loyalty based economy ?@ReTargeter Learned about #retargeting at #OREC12? Learn more:

How do you solve your customers needs? How does your business help get the end result? Questions all small retailers should ask #OREC12

‘What are the goals for my retargeting campaign & what am I doing to make it succeed?’ @joannalord #OREC12

We Inspire confidence in our customers, retail therapy is real says Jane Cay, we don’t define our market by age but by personality #OREC12

Love hearing about importance of customer service online from birdsnest. 70% of revenue is from repeat customers #OREC12

How inspiring is Jane from birdsnest! What a story, and entirely self funded. That can’t be common? #orec12

“Retargeted consumers are 70% MORE likely to complete a purchase.” Wow! No ignoring that stat by @joannalord at #OREC12

Jane Cay, founder of Birdsnest shares her story as a small retailer and how she’s overcome obstacles. #OREC12

Insightful Keynote from @smulpuru on how effective FB, Google, Amazon and Apple really are (or aren’t). #OREC12

#orec12 @joannalord says “Search is now just a discovery process with many triggers.”

Ditto RT @ORKickStart: Looking forward to Joanna Lord’s retargeting presentation about to start in the main auditorium. #OREC12

It’s not what you want sell, it’s what the customer wants to buy! #orec12

Valuable and real customer insight comes from listening to your customers.

RT @samsaltis #OREC12 apps are about burning time or saving time.. Interesting

Simone Sertcan from IBM talking about “Smarter” consumers and the omni-channel shopping experience; #orec12

@treadster_mark outlines the “7 Keys to Happiness at Work”. Building an incredible business culture to deliver Amazing Experiences” #OREC12

What’s next? Geo and behavioural targeting for My-Wardrobe, lots of innovative ways presented to reach and engage your core market #OREC12

“Set benchmarks and test against them” – test, test, test… Another clear message at #orec12

Discussing premium brands and tablet use – interesting research from My-Wardrobe #OREC12

Tablet traffic peaks from 4pm – 10pm for My-Wardrobe. An example of using data to inform strategy #orec12 ^AL

Mobile Apps are about burning time or saving time. #orec12

“Apps are about 2 things: saving time or burning time” Robert Moss, My-wardrobe #OREC12

#OREC12 apps are about burning time or saving time.. Interesting

#OREC12 behaviour on mobiles varies across geographic regions

@mywardrobe discussing the benefit for certain industries to work with bloggers at Online Retailer #OREC12 #b When a product arrives it is merchandised and online in 2hours – wow #OREC12 @angeryan68

Mywardrobe increasingly supporting Australian designers. Interested to see how this will pan out. #orec12

My-Wardrobe website supports 10 currencies and is available in 7 languages (triggered by IP address) #orec12 ^AL

A change in the times? My-Wardrobe works with bloggers with great success. Not for everyone but great for fashion retailers #OREC12

My wardrobe moving their user review button closer to the Add to basket button: improving trust & credibility. #orec12

My-Wardrobe giving lots of great advice on search, authority and relevance. Review areas near checkout give a boost of confidence #OREC12

ASOS including user-generated content is no coincidence. #orec12

How relevant is your content, how fresh is it, what about the quality? All crucial for search. #orec12

We are at the mercy of Google’s updates to their search algorithms…new need relevancy, recency, quality, authority. #orec12

Evaluate your investment allocation: Maximize site traffic & conversions. Let’s discuss your optimization strategies at booth 1234, #OREC12

@smulpuru that was a fantastic presentation! Great content, well spoken and relevant! #orec12

Think that was my favourite talk so far at #orec12. Take a bow @smulpuru!

Rob Moss from luxury retailer My-Wardrobe talking about integrating their business globally #orec12 ^AL

Looking for practical, can do tactics that don’t cost a lot of money? Better get down to the Parkside Auditorium #OREC12

Wow! The crowd loved our first keynote now can’t wait to hear from Robert Moss from My-Wardrobe #OREC12

Rick Eyre Media Rick Eyre Media ?@rickeyremedia

Fascinating keynote by @smulpuru at #orec12. Wakeup call after wakeup call.

Same day delivery – this will be a game changer and kill bricks and mortar stores. #orec12

@smulpuru “Email is still one of the most effective ways to reach consumers” #OREC12

#orec12 I would like to talk to someone from #google about speaking at an surf industry summit with a focus on local search

First antidote – embrace a marketplace strategy of your own to leverage a broader audience. #orec12

2nd antidote – forget apps, focus on optimizing for mobile web. #orec12

Don’t forget low hanging fruit like email & alternative payments. Is email dead? No!! Email is the best way to reach your site #OREC12

There’s a girl who looks like Jennifer Love Hewitt walking past if anyone’s into that sort of thing #orec12

Innovation is important but are you grabbing ALL the low hanging fruit first? Says @smulpuru at #OREC12

@smulpuru great advice on responsive design for online retailers #OREC12

“Is the best mobile strategy maybe none at all?” Food for thought from Sucharita Mulpuru #OREC12

“@traffika: Mobile optimised web trumps mobile app though there is a time and a place for retailer-led mobile apps (eg. In store) #orec12

#orec12 optimise ur website for mobile & tablet before paying for an app for the iPhone. It’s easier & better for customer @playhousehello

“Being the 1st mover isn’t always the best solution. Being a fast follower is” – love it. Great stuff by Sucharita Mulpuru at #OREC12

Mobile optimised web trumps mobile app though there is a time and a place for retailer-led mobile apps (eg. In store) #orec12 ^AL

Bingo again! ‘Responsive Design’ is also a clear conference winner early on day 2 #orec12

162 delegates stopped by to recharge their devices on day 1 of #OREC12 . What could your retail space do with that dwell time? @DEC_PR

Fancy looks really nice – will be interesting to see where it goes #orec12

Learn from American retailer’s mistakes: explore new marketplace opportunities and optimize for the mobile web instead of apps #OREC12

RT @paul_c_robinson: Bingo! Third time I’ve been told the next big thing in social marketplace is ‘Fancy’ at the conference #orec12

Forrester encouraging everyone to focus on optimising for the mobile web #orec12

Bingo! Third time I’ve been told the next big thing in social marketplace is ‘Fancy’ at the conference #orec12

Discussing new marketplaces such as Fancy – better than Pinterest? #ForresterResearch #OREC12

Loving this presentation by Sucharita Mulpuru. “This is the problem AND this is the solution” – so valuable for all. #orec12

Americanisms and the antidotes – great tips for avoiding mistakes now from @smulpuru #orec12

“Are you trying to pick me up, or tell me about your business? I can’t tell!” – client to @sreid768 #orec12

Forresters says when building apps & working w/Apple remember this quote from The Godfather, “I don’t do favors, I collect debts.” #OREC12

Embracing Amazon Marketplace, jumping on app bandwagon are just a couple of common e-retailer errors. #orec12

The Godfather -”I don’t do favors, I collect debts” #orec12

Attending Online Retailing conf today in Sydney? Hope to see you at my “Adding Personal Touch to Automation” session 2:40 pm #OREC12

@smulpuru of Forrester running through the 4 supernova impact – Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon. #orec12

Amazon – predator or partner? That is the question Sucharita Mulpuru from Forrester’s has posed to the packed crowd. Thoughts? #OREC12

Amazon loses its shine for sellers after around 18 months! #OREC12

Without Marketplace, Amazon may not be a profitable business – wonderful insight from Forrester #orec12

Do you engage with your customers at critical points in the browsing and buying process? Let’s discuss at Booth 1234, #OREC12

Amazon is not the Walmart of the web, it is the new Walmart!! In some categories they are cheaper due to 3rd party sellers! #orec12

Sucharita Mulpuru from Forresters currently on stage discussing Amazon – “the new Walmart” #OREC12

Reality checking the big guys at online retailer with stats and proof. Liking forrester’s US ecommerce reality check #orec12

Plenty of tweets coming through today #brandtap on personal branding, #orec12 online retailer, #dds12 on digital data. #foreverlearning ^MF

Sucharita Mulpuru from Forrester about to take the stage at #orec12 with a view on Oz retail.

The view from the interview couch at #OREC12 come on down and check it out!

On the way to #OREC12 with @hopethislasts looking to take @Sweet_Biz_Deals & @deal_flip to the next level :)

@StyleTread Chief Happiness Officer @treadster_mark speaking on culture this morning at Online Retailer Conference #OREC12

Search still dominates retailer spend & effectiveness which is why Google plays such an important role in eCommerce says Forrester. #OREC12

#orec12 Google is focused.. On everything.

The four dominate supernovas – Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple – how do you co-exist and make it work for your business? #OREC12

“@JSicarii: Highlight yesterday was @amyafrica. Looking forward to some new surprises today #orec12? very true!

#orec12 1/3 of all shopping searches begin at

Beware Apple, Amazon, Google and Facebook. All hail the little guys! Quite right. #orec12

Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple are the 4 supernovas of eCommerce #ForresterResearch #OREC12

#OREC12 be careful aligning with stars.. Google, Facebook, Amazon Apple

8 out of 10 people sat around me are taking notes on iPads. Is your website optimised for iPad? #orec12 ^AL

Highlight yesterday was @amyafrica. Looking forward to some new surprises today #orec12

Yep – here comes day 2 RT @MichaelHendoPR: Looking forward to this morning’s Forrester keynote. #orec12

#OREC12 busy day today at online retailer.

Don’t miss Silverpop’s @LorenMcDonald speak about Marketing Automation & retail today #OREC12

Looking forward to this morning’s Forrester keynote. #orec12

Ready to kick off day 3 at #orec12. Another day of info overload for this accountant

RT @mywardrobe_aus: Global marketing director or taking the stage this morning for key note speech #orec12

@rowston64 That was Alli our amazing Event Co-ord. Glad you like the selection! @eretailer Who picked the tunes good job #orec12

Global marketing director or taking the stage this morning for key note speech #orec12

@rowston64 Whole Lotta Love in the room, right? #OREC12

Day 2 of our main conference. Here we go. Kicking things off… Sucharita Mulpuru in the parkside auditorium! #OREC12

@eretailer Who picked the tunes good job #orec12

“Whole Lotta Love” warming up the crowd as #orec12 gets underway. I approve.

Want an iPhone 5? Visit @permission_syd at stand 1400 during #onlineretailer for your chance to win! #OREC12

“@melissa_shawyer: Best of luck to @CatchOfTheDay @vinomofo @scoopon at tonight’s #OREC12 awards. Go team!

Bring your funnels to live and best performance – visit us at booth 1234 at #OREC12 to get your conversion rate up.

Ready for another day at #OREC12

Day 2 of Online Retailer – looking forward to an informative day #orec12 ^AL

How connected are you to the connected consumer? Let’s discuss! Visit us at booth 1234 at the #OREC12

Final day of the #onlineretailer expo! The @permission_syd stand looks great, come and say hi! #OREC12

Turn your shopping cart abandoners into your next business opportunity with remarketing. See how at booth 1234. #OREC12

Best of luck to @CatchOfTheDay @vinomofo @scoopon at tonight’s #OREC12 awards. Go team! cc @pookiman

Listen. Engage. Convert – Customer engagement and feedback can boost your business. Visit us at booth 1234 at #OREC12 to learn more.

Cant wait! RT@powerretail:Last day of #orec12, @smulpuru of Forrester is our opening keynote.Another huge day of learning plus ORIAs tonight

Last day of #orec12, @smulpuru of Forrester is our opening keynote. Another huge day of learning plus ORIAs tonight.

The Iconic says happy customers are loyal & spend more. Building a loyal customer base is the most important thing for retailers #OREC12

Ultimate #Ecommerce Tactical Smackdown #OREC12 is about to start @eretailer Online Retailer 2012

Time for drinks and some important message from #Conference Chair #OREC12 Online Retailer 2012

Stephan Spencer @sspencer #OREC12 talks about SEO technical live SEO site reviews

One Dot Project Man. One Dot Project Man. ?@OneDot_PMP

Great day at Online Retailer Conference! #OR12 #OREC12 Come and visit it us at our stand 1030 if you are attending tmrw.

Analitix IT Web Data Analitix IT Web Data ?@AnalitixIT

Keeping up with the latest e-commerce info attending the Online Retailer expo @eretailer #OREC12

Some great talks today at the Online Retail Conference in Sydney. Especially loved @amyafrica on our ‘reptilian brain’ decisions. #OREC12

@thegyppo you hear this? ;) > RT @powerretail: Tablet Traffic doubling every year. 60% browse, 47% buy! Only 29% buy off smartphone. #orec12

Looking forward to attending online-retailer and Oria Awards night tmrw. Not looking forward to the early flight to Sydney. #OREC12

Following up on all #OREC12 tweets. Sort of regretting I missed day 2. Definitely not missing day 3.

Discovered this cool TV ad today at #OREC12 Enjoy

How to Fuel A Modern Customer Experience? Meet us tomorrow at booth 1234, #OREC12, to find out!

Faceted navigation should be invisible to Googlebots – interesting…. @sspencer #orec12

End of day one of the Online Retail Convention as always @martinnewman of Practicology full of fantastic insights #orec12

@danericketts #CMO #IBM #OREC12 presso excerpts will be posted or tweeted soon. :)

Oh. There’s no punch line #OREC12 just dry tech tips.

Melanie Schwarz Melanie Schwarz ?@happymels

Waiting on the video URL punchline #OREC12

Don’t forget Gift buyers… Wrapping, messaging, gift cards, etc. Great point by Martin Newman. #OREC12

Models work better than mannequins on women’s fashion online retail sites… Another 20%. #OREC12

Be sure to choose the right model for your product! It can have an effect! Especially for women’s products. #OREC12

#OREC12 get a cheesy ‘lock’ symbol on your site. Can account for a 20% higher conversion rate. #TacticalSmackdown

Get that check out button high up on your page! 12% increase in sales enough of a motivator? #OREC12

Getting into the tactical smackdown at #OREC12

Bring your social media data analysis in house: it’s your data, about your business. @Mookerjee #orec12

Yeah! The super session e-commerce tactical smackdown is on! #orec12

ChannelAdvisor ChannelAdvisor ?@channeladvisor

Congrats to all the winners at the ChannelAdvisor booth! Still more prizes to be won. Come pop a balloon at 1106. #OREC12

80% of shoppers consider free shipping the most important online shopping factor #orec12

Look at your social media data in the context of your business, so you can model, predict and act. @mookerjee #orec12

Next-generation conversion optimization at #orec12 big ideas hall

Oooooh – @mookerjee hinting at social media predictive analytics. Fascinating stuff #orec12

Social is here, mobile is key and the seamless customer experience across all channels is the challenge.#orec12

Smart marketers use @emailvision to create powerful campaigns that get results. Visit @permission_syd at stand 1400 to find out how. #OREC12

Allan Dick’s tactical smackdown about to start in the Main Auditorium (Parkside). Seriously not one to miss! #OREC12

Match keywords with your site words. Don’t use ‘apparel’ use ‘clothes’! #OREC12

@st_elda hey, sure I have more information on my long-tail theory – (it isn’t a theory…it’s fact!) find me at #orec12

Dev @Mookerjee finds it a little creepy to be tracked & targeted in meatspace, unlike online. I don’t think he’s alone. #orec12

Looking at The Men’s Shop website and where improvements can be made, great audience participation! #OREC12

@alibaba_aus great stand today guys at #OR12 #OREC12 Will have to catch up tomorrow!

Awesome stuff this year at the Australian Online Retailer Conference in Sydney! #OREC12 #OR12 #ecommerce

Explore “WHY” our visitors behave the way they do. Visit us at #OREC12, booth 1234, to learn more.

Live site reviews (SEO) going down a storm… Lots of volunteers! Who’s next? #OREC12

Do you engage with your customers at critical points in the browsing and buying process? Let’s discuss at Booth 1234, #OREC12

Live reviews of landing pages with Martin Newman & Dan Ferguson. Honest and constructive feedback happening at the moment! #OREC12

Shoppers expect you to know them, across all your touchpoints, all of the time. @Mookerjee #orec12

…and I’m spent. Information overload, now they ply us with alcohol, good job I took notes! #OREC12

Fascinating listening to @jarther_work present the #IBM CMO study at #orec12

Important for you to analyse your social media data in context of your business activities, not in isolation, says @Mookerjee. #orec12

Being won over by delicious treats. Thanks #toll #OREC12

4:30pm to the Big Ideas Theatre – Come to our presentation about optimizing your website and funnels #OREC12

Listen. Engage. Convert – Customer engagement and feedback can boost your business. Visit us at booth 1234 at #OREC12 to learn more.

Expecting to learn plenty about social analytics from @Mookerjee in the IBM Seminar room, starting in 2 minutes. #orec12

Stat from Online Retailer. Customers who like your brand on Facebook are 51% more likely to buy & 60% more likely to recommend you! #orec12

Hectic day at #orec12. Lots of good ideas. Now dissecting landing pages, always top fun.

@paul_c_robinson Thanks for coming! I understand your comment but this is the reality of digital retail now. Could go on… #orec12

It’s worth hearing > RT @Mookerjee: Listening to @jarther_work present the #IBM CMO study at #orec12

Bring your funnels to live and best performance – visit us at booth 1234 at #OREC12 to get your conversion rate up.

Anyone in marketing stream room @ #orec12 – what was the music that was just played? Before the stones song now on. Thanks!

Which new skills and capabilities do CMOs need to develop? Tech savviest & social media expertise! #orec12

RT @eretailer: Retail words to live by: a happy customer tells a friend; an unhappy customer tells the world #OREC12

Looking to improve customer experience AND conversion? Meet us at #OREC12, booth 1234, for a chat. #cx #custexp #cro

Jarther Taylor explaining CMOs & CIOs. Connecting brand & culture. #orec12

Keen to get opinions from attendees at #OREC12. Who are the best mobile site developers in Sydney?

Keen to get opinions from attendees at #OREC12. Who are the best eCommerce site builders in Sydney?

Listening to @jarther_work present the #IBM CMO study at #orec12

Collect your unique code during the refreshment break, then visit @permission_syd at stand 1400 for an extra chance to win! #OREC12

Great talk by @himwich on e-commerce on tablets at #orec12. Thanks for sharing Josh.

Discount code m4afx14 for 20% off next iconic order over 100$ #OREC12

Really great session Meeting the Disruptors! #LustHaveIt Can’t wait for part 2 tomorrow. #trackD #OREC12

The Iconic says happy customers are loyal & spend more. Building a loyal customer base is the most important thing for retailers #OREC12

“Passion will sustain you!” says StyleRocks at #OREC12 – too true!

Where next for eretail? Creating a great international delivery experience and tapping into OS markets. #orec12

Bob Nanna, Marketing Manager for Threadless joins us for a chat at #OREC12

Why is advertising so much better in New Zealand than Australia? #OREC12

@theiconicau ‘you’re only as good as your last delivery’ #OREC12 #tooright

RT @Jonesk82 Webtrends is hosting drinks tonight at Online Retailer from 5-6pm…….come say hi!! #OREC12

15 mins till CMO & CIO presso at #OREC12 conference #IBM #smartercommerce

Retail words to live by: a happy customer tells a friend; an unhappy customer tells the world #OREC12

Great preso @timbeveridge, but IMO ‘new school’ should be called ‘advanced’ school. Not many will get dynamic display remarketing #orec12

Cameron Scott Cameron Scott ?@thoughtville

The iconic – Bargain hunters is not a substantial business model. #orec12

Some of the stats on tablets (iPads) are startling. People on comp $300 spend but on iPads it’s $600!!! #OREC12

“@katerstorey: @waihonger Cheers for the talk dude, you were great ;) #OREC12” thank you!

Having an amazing time speaking in Sydney! Thanks for having me, #orec12! See you next year. :)

We’ve given out more than 100 rate schedules on the first day so far, plenty more people to see. #OREC12

The Iconic’s marketing effort is focused on their customer experience eg 3 hour delivery, free returns, free shipping #orec12

Is this an ad for The Iconic. Not sure. Maybe. Or maybe not a succinct pres. #OREC12

Absolutely! RT @eretailer: Trust is one of the most important factors in any transaction. We’re selling confidence – The Iconic #OREC12

3 things from #OREC12 today 1. Don’t be a dick on social 2. Do what makes sense for customers 3. Mobile & tablet experience is key

Trust is one of the most important factors in any transaction. We’re selling confidence – The Iconic #OREC12

Listening to Adam Jacobs from The Iconic and how they created a retail experience unlike anything in Australia #OREC12

Off to old/new school with @timbeveridge on cross channel lifecycle marketing #orec12

#Orec12 Link product inventory directly into your email send. Give them what they want in one click. Instant gratification!

@timbeveridge There will never be enough resource!! #OREC12

@waihonger Cheers for the talk dude, you were great ;) #OREC12

Even though Pinterest is leading online brand engagement, Facebook still remains the biggest focus for ShopNBC – Carol Steinberg #OREC12

Session on #ecommerce on tablets about to start in #WebOptimisation room at #OREC12 #TrackB – get here quick!

RT @eretailer: Analytics – It’s now not just about the channel it’s also about the device. Ipads have low traffic but high revenue #OREC12

@waihonger love your paraphrased title buddy! #OREC12

The rise of Pinterest and Instagram are pointing to the need for an image based marketing strategy. #orec12

Ecom needs to become part of your brand, not just a side element. #OREC12

Want to know how to increase your email open rate by 35%? Visit @permission_syd at stand 1400. #OREC12

“social attribution is the next piece to solve for” … we are closer than ever. #orec12

Final takeaway: promote your security measures to your customers, they want to know their information is safe #OREC12

What happened to cart abandonment? Not interested in norton. Fail. #orec12

Exploring security, malware and how to protect your website and business transactions #OREC12

feel like 100 blog posts brewing. thank you #orec12!

Good stat RT @JoannaLord: “58% of consumers rank a brand’s websites to be the most trusted engagement channel” #orec12

And there we are, first use of “paradigm shift” #OREC12

Busy ChannelAdvisor stand at #orec12 Pop balloons and you could win fabulous prizes. Stop by 1106.

People scribbling furiously here in #Multichannel track at #orec12 – flash sales should only last 72-96 hours! Got that?

@jameswdiamond of @hitwise_us says ‘beat ad fatigue and flip the customer out of what they’re expecting’ #OREC12

Are there any other advertising agency folk at #OREC12 cc @EdBellNZ #BBDO

RT @eretailer: Analytics – It’s now not just about the channel it’s also about the device. Ipads have low traffic but high revenue #OREC12

Are you a digital native? Those born in the 90?s, your generation is changing how we think about work, business and security #OREC12

‘It’s not about bricks & mortar v online. It’s about good retail v bad retail.’ – Amblique at #OREC12 LOVE IT!!! You agree?

‘Be smart about cross channel promotion’ … Therefore we need better channel attribution models #orec12

def looking forward to jumping into the “Marketing Sophistication Curve” more. great stuff @jameswdiamond #orec12

Interesting… pureplays growing faster than multichannel. Main reason – they invest more online (site & marketing)! #OREC12

Analytics – It’s now not just about the channel it’s also about the device. Ipads have low traffic but high revenue #OREC12

@hitwise_us #OREC12 ‘digital strategies and offline strategies need to be one’

Identify your best customers, find more of them, engage them – simple really…#OREC12

Understanding consumer behaviour is a key capability says Dave Audley from Experian Asia Pacific #OREC12

Amblique now talking in the multichannel room at #OREC12 – the bigger they get the more their customers want to interact… And vice versa!

“58% of consumers rank a brand’s websites to be the most trusted engagement channel” #orec12

@threadless lesson for all is that the distribution channels are changing #orec12 – that equals BIG opportunity!

Don’t miss this! RT @waihonger: Gonna be speaking at #orec12 soon on “Simply Cheap Strategies for Cheap Skates”(paraphrased from my given…

next up is @jameswdiamond talking Cross Channel Marketing –> lets do this! #orec12

Listening to #bobnanna @threadless #OREC12 ….threadlessnessness?

@nzmikewilson @edbellnz “Team Smashing It” #OREC12

Break a leg! RT @waihonger: Gonna be speaking at #orec12 soon on “Simple Cheap Strategies for Cheap Skates” #bekindtomepls!

very passionate presentation by @heybobnanna from @threadless – be patient, be authentic with social media #orec12

Gonna be speaking at #orec12 soon on “Simply Cheap Strategies for Cheap Skates”(paraphrased from my given title). #bekindtomepls!

How many businesses here are using Instagram? @threadless says find out where your customers hang out and go there! #OREC12

Sounding like a very familiar story to Thank goodness for happy endings. @MYOHKI @Vinomofo #orec12

Loving the candour from @vinorockandroll about the story of vinoMofo #OREC12

“Be authentic, be patience, be part of the community & be supportive” via @heybobnanna #orec12

Smashing it at #OREC12 with @mrskatelincoln & @edbellnz.

Invest in product content, it will ALWAYS be worth it – Daniel Robertson #OREC12 #TrackB #ecommerce #retail

Great to hear Adam, try this offer RT @Wooderbeen “Think I’ll be giving them a go! Different kind of take away” #orec12

#OREC12 Great presentation Bob Nanna, awesome stuff happening at #Threadless

@threadless was an early adopter of Twitter, they have since used innovative ways to engage and grow their following. #OREC12

@pookiman @vinomofo @winebuzzteam @vinomofo Loving this talk at #OREC12. Reminding me of old startup times.

@jason_ohki Are you one of the 30%? Have you tried Aussie Farmers Direct yet? Join today: #orec12 @steven_noble @MYOHKI

#OREC12 50% users browse & 50% site search. You have to look after both, says Daniel Robertson. #TrackB #WebOptimisation

@joannalord That was suppose to be a seceret. #OREC12 @heybnanna

ONLINE RETAILER? Check out @permission_syd . Ask about Campaign Commander & their new Australian partnership with @emailvision #OREC12 #LI

Steve Zapf talking multichannel, awesome! #OREC12

Threadless – seriously cool site. Interesting session from them on social media! users design the products! #OREC12

looks like @threadless will be launching badges soon! nice. #orec12

Research released from Forrester Research at #OREC12 showed 46% of Australian retailers have mobile sites as their top priority for 2012.

Andre Eikmeire from Vinomofo has some great stuff to say in Track D at #OREC12

Be patient, you can’t buy an authentic social media audience. #OREC12 #Threadless

#OREC12 are you suffering from Threadless-less-ness? @Threadless

Bob Nanna from Threadless discusses Social Media Isn’t A Channel, It’s A Way of Life #OREC12

love that @heybobnanna is stressing authenticity in community building. #orec12

Cool intro video to explain the Threadless concept from Bob Nanna #OREC12

@threadless thankfully I don’t suffer from #threadlessness. #orec12

Making friends with Bob Nanna #OREC12 #threadless

@amyafrica Great preso today #OREC12

Join us in the Multichannel Tack C session on level 1 at #OREC12

@heybobnanna takes the stage. Talking about online communities. Awesome. #orec12

lunch is served. #orec12

super excited for this session from the Marketing Manager of Threadless. #hugefan #seriouslyIbuysomanyshirts! #orec12

We are proud to announce our new partnership with @emailvision in Australia! Visit @permission_syd at stand 1400 to find out more. #OREC12

According to @amyafrica, every single page on your website should have an action button that consumers can engage with. #OREC12

Another good reason to come to the IBM Seminar room at #orec12 !

Still numerous prizes available to win at ChannelAdvisor booth 1106 at #orec12. Pop a balloon for a chance to win!

Wai Hong Fong, founder of OzHut chats with Grant at #OREC12

Presenting CMO+CIO Study findings at @eretailer conf #OREC12 this pm at #IBM Seminar Theatre. Come say hello!

@amyafrica great presentation at #orec12!

Go the ‘fo. Andre from @vinomofo talking at Online Retailer Sydney in 20 mins #OREC12 see him then visit me on stand 1516 @_WeAreDigital

For your reading pleasure.. At Online Retailer Conference #OREC12

if you’re at online-retailer go listen to Andre from @vinomofo “@WineBuzzTeam: About to go listen to @vinomofo speak. Woot. #orec12

About to go listen to @vinomofo speak. Woot. #orec12

Agreed! Be where your customer is -“ @eretailer: Be everywhere your customer is across various platforms -Carol Steinberg, ShopNBC #OREC12 ”

@scottgriddle thanks Scott! Presenting at #orec12 was awesome!

Fluid talking about their “visual fitting” tech – mind blowing! Precise fit & product recommendations #orec12

@Thechargebar is also at #OREC12 – charge your phone – any phone – for free. Got to love that! #DECPRclient

Fantastic presentation from @amyafrica regarding Neuromarketing at #OREC12. Did you know humans and crocodiles share the same brain!

Visual merchandising – looking forward to learning about “shoppable videos” with Fluid. #orec12

@amyafrica brilliant. Just pure awesome. Thank you! #OREC12

#OREC12 @amyafrica what a hit!

For anyone in #retail and #ecommerce, check out insights from #OREC12. Amazing thoughts and info from some excellent speakers! #DECPRclient

Collect your unique code during lunch and visit @permission_syd at stand 1400 for an extra chance to win an Apple Store voucher! #OREC12

Take ten and fill in the Big Australia Survey to help benchmark digital marketing #OREC12

Great audience reaction to the talk from @amyafrica. What were your favourite points? #OREC12

Great presentation @amyafrica feel like I know my brain a little better #orec12

@amyafrica fantastic presentation. Thanks for the great insights #orec12

It’s why people still read Shakespeare. Human nature has not changed 4 thousands of years. Just the way we do things. #OREC12 #amyafrica

Okay – you won me back with some applicable tips for retailing #OREC12

Wow: Kevin says iPad users are converting at more than twice the rate of iPhone users. Interesting stats. #orec12

You are more impacted by the fear of loss than by the possibility of gain @amyafrica #OREC12

People are more impacted by the fear of loss than the possibility of gain #OREC12

@amyafrica ‘fruit or cake’ but how does this apply to digital? #OREC12

People are more impacted by the fear of loss than the possibility of gain #orec12

“You are more impacted by the fear of loss than the possibility of gain” #persuasion #orec12

#orec12 Position is everything when presenting your customers with options. ‘We like what’s first!’ says @amyafrica – true!

Best insights so far are from Amy Africa at Online Retailer Expo, great presentation! @amyafrica #OREC12

Buttons are a big deal. Every page view should be telling the user what to do. #orec12

Tell your customers important facts/details, don’t make them figure it out on their own #OREC12

#orec12. Amy Africa awesome talk on neuro marketing our prehistoric lizard brain makes all our buying decisions. Fight or flight

“efficiency is good except when its not. are your users smart enough to understand the way you present pricing?” #orec12

“users love deadlines. they cause urgency and cause users to focus.” –> no more than 3 to 5 days via @amyafica #orec12

Use deadlines on your website, they cause people to act and create urgency, great tips from @amyafrica #OREC12

Fascinating insight into “reptilian brain” & relationship to online shopping. Thank you @amyafrica #orec12

Every time your brain can’t picture it, it will have trouble buying it. Can your web content and design be improved? #OREC12

#orec12 “Put pictures to words!” says @amyafrica, “We are visual!” I’m taking a lot from this too. Great morning so far.

Ecommerce Leaders Playbook – 244 page book on sale at Power Retail Lounge, behind stand 900. #orec12

People won’t buy what they can’t picture. How is your copy working for you? @WineBuzzTeam #OREC12

What words are you using that are meaningless to your users? People are simple – keep your words simple. #orec12

‘we look for faces’ – yes this explains why I see so many clicks on faces in our catalogues #orec12

New favourite word #pareidolia courtesy of @amyafrica. Very insightful! #OREC12 @S2MDigital

@Henry_J_Ruiz Next exp. post sales road trip? “@JoannaLord: she suggests everyone in company should jump on calls with customers #orec12”

“people want to see faces on your site. show them who they could be. connect them with faces.” via @amyafrica #orec12

small world indeed @tonyburke #fellowbarrovian #barrowinfurness #OREC12

RT @paul_c_robinson Architecture, links& social-the keys driving engagement4 Wayfair-good 2c social rated as highly as key SEO activ #orec12

Loving @amyafrica presentation on neuromarketing at #orec12 happy to get a free car anytime :)

To increase conversions increase visual cues. Make it obvious what the user has to do next. #orec12

Packed Big Ideas Theatre #OREC12

When users come to your site they don’t see words as much as they see pictures #orec12

Amy Africa discussing how your survival techniques impact and influence your buying decisions and behaviour. #OREC12

love that @amyafrica is stressing the visual experience to all the SEOs in the room. #fullcircle #orec12

Need logistics? You must check out the Temando stand. They are one of the most important partners of #orec12 @temando

Why is this session starting to feel like an amway conference? #orec12 oh! Maybe it’s the presenter shouting at me from a far with an accent

Studying usability? You’ll learn: 1) People are self centered. 2) people are inspectors 3) people process best in black & white #OREC12

ask yourself: when someone comes to their site does it look like them? Or does it look like what you want them to be? #OREC12 @WineBuzzTeam

When people come to your site, do they see themselves or someone they aspire to be? #orec12

loving @amyafrica preso on neuromarketing #orec12

Mark from @webtrends in flying form at #orec12 talking about the importance of optimization

Learning all about analytics and how to turn them into ROI in the E-commerce Technology Theatre #OREC12

Forced sterilisation awesome #OREC12 @amyafrica

Fascinating insights from @Amyafrica on Neuromarketing at #OREC12 Old Brain vs New Brain. Which do we build for?

The best marketers never stop learning #orec12

Mark Allison of Webtrends Australia speaks on site optimization! #orec12 @eretailer

The ‘reptilian brain decides’ for us – not something I thought I’d hear at #orec12 Good work Amy Africa – already loving it.

Did you know your reptilian side of your brain triggers decision? @amyafrica teaches the audience about Neuromarketing. #OREC12

How do you measure the impact of your social strategy? Kevin Makin in the IBM Seminar room has some great ideas #orec12

Into metrics and marketing? IBM’s Kevin Makin on “Bringing Science to the Art of Marketing” now starting in the #orec12 IBM Seminar room.

Looking forward to Amy Africa’s talk on Neuromarketing, up next! #OREC12

now up @amyafrica! Its neuro-marketing time. #orec12

Great insights on mobile as always from Steve Noble #OREC12

Retailers focused on mobile tend to invest in their customers. Do you agree? #Stevennoble #OREC12

How do you create smarter, targeted marketing that makes your customers buy? Visit @permission_syd at stand 1400. #OREC12

Retailers with a mobile app are 4X the size of those with no mobile presence- Steven Noble, Forresters Research #OREC12

Love the idea of live chat on a mobile site #orec12

Prepping for my #orec12 IBM talk: @slideshark is bloody wonderful! Love it.

What’s your top priority? 54% of multichannel retailers say mobile sites are a top technology priority & investment next year #OREC12

54% of multichannel retailers say mobile sites are top technology investment, compared to 29% for pure play etailers #orec12

Just 5% of Australian retailers are collecting cross channel data – Steven Noble, Forrester #OREC12

Learn all about the four stages of online strategy right now in the Big Ideas Theatre #OREC12

The mobile phone is the tool that stitches channels together #orec12

“mobile live chat”….. I think ‘yes’ #orec12

mobile is not another channel, it cuts across all channels online and offline. #orec12

#orec12 Aussie Farmers Direct – think I’ll be giving them a go! Different kind of take away…

Interesting fact. 30% of Aussie Farmers Direct SMS offers are redeemed. Impressive ! #orec12 @steven_noble @MYOHKI

Most Australian online retailers neglect mobile marketing – do you agree? #OREC12

loyalty doesn’t spit out the end of a transaction. It’s something that is earned and lost on a continual basis #orec12

46% of retailers say mobile sites are their top investment priority for the year ahead. Check out mDot site. #orec12

Out of the entire Online Retailer Expo auditorium, I sit next to a lady from Barrow! Small world! #OREC12

41% of retailers consider m sites to be top priority in 2012, beating all else #OREC12

@traffika What are the other 45% doing? #LongWayToGo #orec12

mobile sites are now higher investment priority than core eCommerce platforms for Australian retailers. Driven by consumer behavior #orec12

Steven Noble takes the stage to discuss the State of Australian Online Retailing 2012 #OREC12

Super Cheap Auto’s web traffic has grown by 52% in the past 18 months. Their mobile traffic has grown by 604%. #OREC12

Suggestion to #OREC12 organisers. Close the doors when a session starts. People filing in distracting and disrespectful.

55% of online retailers are selling on mobile #orec12

Michelle Polglase Michelle Polglase ?@mapolglase

Online Retailer; so many possibilities. #orec12

Larger multichannel retailers are leading the charge towards mobile commerce #orec12

@steven_noble mobile dark ages is an interesting observation. 2010 #OREC12

New favorite jargon – Joggling – running whilst juggling… Thanks Steven Noble from Forresters #orec12

#orec12 Packed auditorium again. Steven Noble gives us the background & insights that effect every person in the room.

joggling – running while you juggle. Familiar to anyone? #orec12

Agree! RT @scottgriddle: Great presentation at #OREC12 @timkilroy

David Leckstrom David Leckstrom ?@DavidLeckstrom

Steven Noble always delivers interesting insights #orec12

At #OREC12 for the next couple of days. Will be following the “Omni-Channel” discussions.

Online retailers finally make their move in mobile #orec12

Forresters Research about to tell us the ‘State of Australian Online Retail’. Quite a few media passes I’ve noticed. Big news. #orec12

Peter Butler on “the future of omnichannel” in the IBM Seminar Room at #orec12

Online retailer conference 2012 #OREC12

Are You Ready for a Mobile Subscriber Base? via @mediapost #OREC12

BTW Larry Bloch is speaking right now in the Big Ideas Theatre at #orec12

#orec12 Remarketing – ‘The best thing to come along for years’ – Larry Bloch of Netregistry. Are you doing it? #retail #ecommerce

Following #OREC12 this week. Looking forward to a trip down this afternoon. Keep the Tweets flowing :) #DECPRclient

What can IT professionals learn from shopNBC?? Know your customer! What do they want / need? #orec12

Great buzz on the floor at #OREC12

“Focus on search as the base of your business” #wayfair #OREC12 @S2MDigital

Small retailers – be bold. Scale and size create efficiency and opportunity. #OREC12

Interesting how few SEO exhibitors at #OREC12 compared to previous years. Is the SEO era over?

What can you learn from Wayfair? Competition is only 1 click away, make the buying & discovery process simple #OREC12

Wayfair values and what they believe in: love a billion options, use their brains, like transparency, never done & go to people #OREC12

Come along to Track C @ 2:40pm to learn how you can orchestrate a multichannel marketing masterpiece #OREC12

“Simplicity drives scale” –> hmmm is this always true? I wonder. #orec12

@timkilroy hey! I’m also here at the conference. I’d love to connect and say hi! #orec12

Australia is a natural fit for most American marketers but it’s far away. Partnering makes a lot of sense. #OREC12

Definite theme of REAL engagement, not just noise. Another genuine take away from #orec12

keynote is talking about the power of “social velocity” as a KPI. #yes! #orec12

Social proof is a panda vaccine says Tim Kilroy at #orec12 Love it!

Social is the most exciting part of Wayfair’s business. #orec12

“social proof is a Panda vaccine” thoughts on social for SEO value from Tim Kilroy from Wayfair #OREC12

Great stuff. RT “@JoannaLord: “Get press. Not press releases, but real press. Do something worthy.” -> freaking love it. #orec12”

#wayfair have over 5.5m products listed and 100,000 added every month. You gotta feel for their IT guys. #orec12

Collect your unique code during the refreshment break and visit @permission_syd at stand 1400 for an extra chance to win! #OREC12

Content is still king #OREC12

Social media is hard. Avoid noise. It’s about engagement and it all counts. #OREC12

“Social is really hard, there is nothing easy about it. Its more than just tweeting.” word. right @jennita? :) #orec12

@TimMorrow1988 More focus groups, more phone calls, more interaction. We should do more of that. #OREC12

I couldn’t figure out the coffee machine this morning so I ended up with four shots instead of coffee. #feelingitnow #omg #orec12

“Get press. Not press releases, but real press. Do something worthy.” -> freaking love it. sounds like one of @randfish’s mantras. #orec12

3 ‘must do’ link building activity: 1) make content 2) get links from your partners 3) Be active #OREC12

Consistency is key #orec12

Links are critical to your success. The aid in discovery and visibility for key words. #OREC12

Simple web architecture is good. Tim Kilroy, Wayfair #OREC12

@AmberRushton Are you here tomorrow too? #OREC12

@jonthedots – you might be interested in #OREC12 – they share the same values/beliefs we do :)

Consistency seems to be a key theme is year in #OREC12

Architecture, links and social – the keys driving engagement for Wayfair – good to see social rated as highly as key SEO activities #orec12

Wayfair’s 5.5million SKUs make for a hell of an IA challenge! #orec12

Customers who go to Wayfair via content and blogs are 243% more valuable than from other channels. Content workshop Thurs! #orec12

Strong teams dedicated to SEO,Content and Brand. How are your teams structured? #OREC12

Wayfair driving engagement & conversion with great content. #orec12

#orec12 Auditorium packed AND expo floor buzzing. This really IS the Aussie multichannel #retail industry! #AussieAussieAussie

Adding huge category depth increased sales in head products for wayfair #OREC12

Massive selection is Wayfair’s key proposition… And its key challenge. 5.5million skus, 100k new ones every month! #orec12

hey Ed, Jeff & Sarah from @wayfair, lets meet up if you are here at #orec12! #seogeeks

does anyone know Carol or Tims twitter handles? #orec12

Taxi drivers GPS doesn’t work, so I have to direct him to Darling Harbour! Lucky I used to live in Sydney #OREC12

RT @eretailer: We thrive on scale, search is at very core of what we do – Tim Kilroy, Wayfair #OREC12

#orec12 @Wayfair – a great example of turning challenge into opportunity. Granted… Not an easy thing to do. #retail #ecommerce

US site #wayfair stock 5,500,000 products online. Which Aussie retailer wants to take them on? #OREC12 @S2MDigital

We thrive on scale, search is at very core of what we do – Tim Kilroy, Wayfair #OREC12

@wayfair got slammed by the Google Kung fu panda – massive traffic dive. Tim Kilroy saying how they got out of it. #orec12

Google’s Panda released posed big problems for Wayfair but they continued to consolidate and direct traffic to 1 site. #OREC12

Fancy winning a Lumnia 800 come to our booth 1230 @eretailer & meet the guys and book a meeting! #OREC12

Pandas are mean….apparently #OREC12

for that at #orec12 here is a great video on how Panda did help SEO in many ways –>

Key challenges from Wayfair – duplicate content, sku growth, content quality and Google Panda … Really SEO #orec12

400 engineers work at wayfair, drives me crazy when bricks and mortar say online retail is cheap to run!! #OREC12

250 sites + 5,500,000 products = big challenge for Wayfair. #OREC12

Next up: Tim Kilroy from Wayfair talks about scale, search and hyper-growth for our 2nd keynote. #OREC12

100000 products a month added to wayfairs website!! Amazing. #OREC12

Wayfair… Adds 100,000 products a month, can you imagine the reviews @DanRoberts #orec12

Interesting opening keynote from Carol Steinberg from ShopNBC at #orec12

#orec12 wayfair 100k new products each month

#orec12 Happy birthday, Tim! #retail #ecommerce #wayfair

Thanks to Carol Steinberg from ShopNBC for a wonderful keynote, what a great way to kick off the morning #OREC12

Not too many hands raised when asked if businesses in Australia use Pinterest – what do you think? #OREC12

Pinterest is the social channel leading the way in the online retail space #OREC12

Pinterest leading the way in brand engagement online. #OREC12

#pinterest leading the social media channels for @shopnbc #OREC12 @S2MDigital

Pinterest leading the way in social media however Facebook is still king for ShopNBC. Not about the sale it’s about engagement. #OREC12

Agree RT @JoannaLord: she suggests that everyone at your company should at some point jump on calls with customers. #orec12”

#OREC12 pintrest leading the way for shopNBC

love that they ran a CRM program that simply said “thanks” and had no other purpose. #orec12

How many of you are using QR codes? The jury is still out on how well they’re working for ShopNBC #OREC12

#orec12 Management contacting customers directly. This resonates & is a definite take away for me. #ecommerce #retail

#OREC12 Online Retailer 2012 @eretailer 16 to y 2012 @SydneySCEC

@eretailer keynote: shopNBC uses @Bazaarvoice for their rates and review! Used to close the transaction. #OREC12

Customers want to buy from people, even the management team from ShopNBC does customer outreach. Listen & learn from customers. #OREC12

ShopNBC’s management team is required to call customers for their customer outreach program. Impressed. #orec12

she suggests that everyone at your company should at some point jump on calls with customers. #lovethis #orec12

Crazy to hear ShopNBC just *started* customer outreach this year. Whattttttt?! #orec12

Webcasts should be about creating a relationship not about selling something. Make the conversation the goal. #orec12

RT @leannesheraton: Thanks Carol for idea of “channel stopping” moments. A great way to push creative ideas and concepts further “#OREC12

Are your web images clear and vibrant? Strong images are a must to assist with purchasing – ShopNBC #OREC12

Thanks Carol Steinberg for idea of “channel stopping” moments. A great way to push creative ideas and concepts further “#OREC12

Interesting insights at Online Retailer Conference #OREC12 @S2MDigital

Strive for channel stopping moments to get your customers to pause and consider a purchase. @shopnbc #orec12

ShopNBC have 5 customers who have spent over $700,000 on watches…! #OREC12

RT @JoannaLord: “customers don’t care about the channel they care about the experience” #orec12

Starting the morning at #orec12 online retailer conference & expo

Customers want a single channel experience and will chose with their purchase #orec12

RT @joannalord: “customers don’t care about the channel they care about the experience” #orec12

3% of all ecommerce sales are purchased on a mobile device. Rising to 7% by 2015. That’s over $30bn just on mobile devices. #orec12

Customers don’t say “I’m going to be multichannel today”. Retail experience needs to be consistent #orec12

Consistency is key. Be everywhere your customer is across various platforms -Carol Steinberg, ShopNBC #OREC12

Carol Steinberg from ShopNBC discussing growing significance of smart phone & tablet shoppers over the next 12 months #OREC12

ShopNBC uses tablet apps to target and and achieve superior customer engagement #OREC12

“customers don’t care about the channel they care about the experience” #orec12

47% of tablet users buy online ! Where will your focus be? #orec12

#OREC12 shopnbc has a focus on watches, 5 customers have spent over 700k each

was surprised only a dozen or so of the audience members own over 10 watches. #ilovemesomewatches #orec12

Get $10 Gift Voucher Instantly for Saying Hi @SLISystems Booth 1000 #orec12 Also Enter to Win an iPad

Tablet Traffic doubling every year. 60% browse, 47% buy! Only 29% buy off smartphone. #orec12

46% of ShopNBC’s retail business now online, where will it level out? #orec12

It all comes back to data & understanding the customer #orec12

Carol Steinberg from ShopNBC talks about the importance of the customer at Online Retailer #OREC12

@eretailer the customer had always been king but treating the customer well is hard hence why not many retailers do it! #OREC12

love that she suggests LTV needs to be rethought given the social consumer. I feel a blog post stirring. #orec12

ChannelAdvisor booth 1106 at #orec12. Ready to pop balloons!

Doesn’t picking 4 customer types sound more like classic segmentation than mass personalisation that tech promises #orec12

ShopNBC talking customer personas & their importance at the #orec12 opening keynote.

Econsultancy Australia is at the Online Retailer Conference! Come and see us at Stand 1442 #OREC12

#OREC12 room full of apple devices. Cool view from the top seats

Reshape your thinking CEC = chief executive customer. It’s a new era -where would you be without your customer?#OREC12

Are you ready to transform customer behaviour? Carol Steinberg from ShopNBC takes the stage #OREC12

kicking it off by talking through the “Chief Executive Customer” aka CEC, sound familar @renoodles? :) #orec12

#orec12 ‘Shop Anytime Anywhere’ say ShopNBC! Why do I think that’s going to be a strong theme at this year’s conference? #retail

Loveeee that @eretailer is kicking off this keynote with a video that outlines “Ecommerce Today” … impactful, and inspirational. #orec12

Exhibitors are set up and ready for another great day, make sure to say hello! #retail #OREC12

Ready to go! RT @tonyburke: RT @eretailer: Floor is buzzing for Day 2 of Online Retailer, for Carol Steinberg’s keynote #OREC12

Anyone else down at Darling Harbour for Online Retailer today? #OREC12

Welcome to Online Retailer! #OREC12 #retail

Looking forward to the Online Retailer Expo 2012 – should be good #OREC12

Carol Steinberg from ShopNBC about to start at #OREC12 – hoping for a #30Rock namecheck. Rooms buzzing. #retail

It begins! #OREC12

Auditorium filling fast as #orec12 gets underway.

Quikcksales swagbag consists of a pen + a5 card. #epicfail #orec12

Want an iPhone 5? Visit @permission_syd at stand 1400 during #onlineretailer for your chance to win! #OREC12

@teurai1 RT @eretailer: Tip #1 for creating a mobile platform – Optimise your speed. Mobile shoppers will not wait 15 seconds #OREC12

Ps. If you want a @threadless promo code use OLR12 for $10 off with a $50 purchase #orec12

A musician and an improv comedian – the chefs behind the @Threadless marketing secret sauce #OREC12

Enjoying the evolution of the social media strategies of @threadless at #orec12 – from retweet contests to riddles.

Put your social media in the hands of people who are passionate about your company Bob Nanna #OREC12

Don’t be afraid to be a part of your community that’s the best way to know your customers #OREC12

By “illegal activity” I mean breaches of FB T&Cs. But actual criminal activity =) #OREC12

Lots of breaches that aren’t being picked up in the Facebook page critique #OREC12 #knowtherules

@shakyasupriya I’m finding that more and more. Ad’s just don’t work as well as Google. #orec12

User Personas to Improve Your Website #orec12

“FB is not for advertising its for engagement” – Sam Zion #OREC12

I personally dislike posts that ask me to ‘like” but each to their own #OREC12

Kicking off another good preso at #OREC12 by @doctorz – “0-400k Likes in 20 months”. In short: Engage!

Good reminders about adhering to Facebook terms of use at #OREC12

If the user has to scroll it should be two and half screens max. On the second screen you should have another directional @amyafrica #OREC12

Excited to be launching emailvision at #OREC12 tomorrow. Two speakers in conference + lots more happening on stand.

Know where your customer is coming from so you can connect, give them what they want & get the highest conversion @amyafrica #OREC12

Tip #1 for creating a mobile platform – Optimise your speed. Mobile shoppers will not wait 15 seconds #OREC12

Story telling 101. Texas onions? #relevancy #orec12

Facebook is a personal platform where we share emotions, personal images & stories. Brands need to adapt & think in this manner #OREC12

In all seriousness though – is a good example of giving a brand a human face. Social Media success #OREC12

Agree! is an amazing example of a different kinda site and social strategy – worth a look around. #OREC12

Saying YouTube is free and the dollarshaveclub viral had zero production values is understated – bad video is easy to do #orec12

Give your brand a human face.

The money shot from Josh Himwich @himwich – the take outs from the social commerce session #OREC12

“F-commerce won’t work unless it’s the only channel the offer is in” Josh @Himwich #orec12

Innovation is here to disrupt your business model :) #OREC12

Free returns. Making it easy for the customer & giving people the confidence to transact. You could double your conversion rate. #OREC12

The Iconic and Temando talk Free overnight shipping and how they make it happen #OREC12

Just about to talk about the Woolworths App at Online Retailer 2012 #orec12 @has_fakira

App development – constantly invest & prepare for unplanned failure and then test & test & test again! @SeamusByrneCOM #OREC12

Push notifications if they don’t fit your business model don’t use them or at least use them sparingly @SeamusByrneCOM #OREC12

Day 1 of Catch of the Day’s new venture MumGo – 71,000 nappies sold says @SeamusByrneCOM #OREC12

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