Not just an SEO expert, but an Inbound Marketing Consultant as well!

I’ve actually been an inbound marketing consultant for some time now.

As much as my work has involved SEO in a huge way, there’s been so much overlap in design, social, conversion rate optimisation and developing great content that I’m not just an SEO Expert and I’m not just a Digital Marketing Expert – I’m an inbound marketing consultant – now that’s nifty.

It focuses on the inbound – obviously.

So from tweaking designs to improve conversions, to develop great content that attracts visits, likes, shares, plus ones, tweets and so on and to make your business, your website, your entire online presence attractive and to pull in customers – that’s inbound to me.

I’m in the process of re-branding and re-marketing myself (no pun intended for those marketing peeps who got the reference).

A new design is imminent and in the works. I hope to have a website that’s entirely in WordPress and that is a more accurate reflection of my skills and expertise.

I know Design, I know SEO, I know PPC, I know Social, I know CRO, I know Affiliate Programmes, I know Domains, I know Search, I know Digital. I. Know. Marketing.

That’s what I do. That’s what I know.

And as an Inbound Marketing Consultant who:


Prepares Well.

Creates Value.

Is Honest.

Tweaks & Tests.

Adopts Early.

I know what I do will be done well.

reference: Inbound Marketing advice from Abe Lincoln.

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