The new beginning trifecta

Today marks not only the 4th day of 2015 but something I’ve just called: the new beginning trifecta.

This new beginning comes in a pack of 3:

A new job – I’m now the SEO & Content Manager at which is the UAE’s largest property website. It’s always exciting starting a new job but with the next 2 points, this excitement is going to a whole new level!

A new type of job – I’m now client side as opposed to agency side. This is totally new for me as my entire professional life to date has been in agencies or working for myself. Now i get to take it somewhat easy as client side life is drastically different to agency life. In saying that though, there’s plenty to do and Propertyfinder has a great deal planned for 2015 and beyond that I’m sure things won’t get boring anytime soon.

A new computer – I’m now using a mac! in fact, its a macbook air and it’s super slick, super thin and super confusing as I’ve been raised on windows machines for as long as I can remember. I’ve used macs sporadically over the years but using one full time for work is new.. so I think the next few weeks will be spent fumbling around OSX Yosemite!

It’s super exciting and I didn’t get much sleep last night because of the prospects of a bright new beginning which coincided with the new year.

I hope 2015 is even bigger, better and crazier than 2014 and I wish the same for you all!