My digital marketing goals for 2016

2016 has just begun and I’ve set some goals for myself to achieve.

I had previously set similar goals for 2015 with mixed results, mostly due to my own time management, so I’m expecting 2016 to be different.

I’ve learnt a great deal and have grown significantly as an SEO in the past 12 months and spent more time on SEO than anything else in the digital marketing field. I plan to diversify a bit more and broaden my skillset but will still focus on SEO because it’s at the heart of everything I do.

So here’s my 5 digital marketing goals for 2016:

Obtain the Google AdWords Certification

I was certified back in 2006 and have dabbled with AdWords over the years but there’s a lot more for me to learn and I want to get certified again. This time round, it will be under my own name, not like before where I was just another notch under the agency’s belt.


Get Inbound Certified through HubSpot

HubSpot are the clear leaders with content and inbound marketing so this decision is important as it helps put me amongst a very experienced crowd. I did some prior work with HubSpot so this will essentially involve me going through with all training to obtain the certification.


Get Google Analytics Certification

Goes without saying, Google Analytics is very important and although you learn by going through your own data, it’s important to be certified and that’s what I plan to do.


Grow Instagram followers to 500 by year end

I had planned to get my follower count to this number by the end of 2015 but only managed 238. So I think my goal to double that is within reach. I love Instagram and its potential is huge and I’d love to make more use of this platform.


Launch a brand new website, using HTML and CSS, from scratch, ensuring responsiveness, mobile friendliness, W3C compliance and a 90+ rating on Google PageSpeed Insights.

This one is a bit optimistic due to the metrics I’m aiming for but it’s not impossible. I will aim to get a website online no matter what!


This is my list for 2016. What’s yours?

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