Move fast and FIX THINGS!

Move fast, and break things?
Nah fam.

We’re not about that Zuckerberg life.

In SEO, we move fast and fix things.

You can tell a lot about a website by simply clicking around and looking at code in just a few minutes.

An experienced SEO professional will be able to spot major problems real fast. (if not, they’re simpin’).

And although most SEO projects need an audit, believe me when I say: you can still take action without one! (shock horror!)

Which means, you don’t need to wait long to get results.

– If a site has inadvertently blocked search engines in robots.txt, that’s an easy thing to reverse.

– If the homepage say ‘Home’ and nothing else, that’s an easy fix to make.

– If page copy needs a few more mentions of target keywords, that’s also super easy to do.

Of course, there’s always going to be so much more to SEO than this.

But my point here is that there’s lots of quick, easy, simple things to fix on a site to help you start seeing results sooner.

Gone are the days of waiting weeks for huge audits filled with a slew of recommendations from HIGH PRIORITY DO THIS NOW to ‘yeah nah, only do this if you’ve got nothing better to do with your life’.

Sometimes making simple changes has a direct, measurable impact within just a few days.

It really is that easy in some cases. No word of lie.

If you know how to make proper SEO related changes AND how to use Google Search Console, you’re already in pole position.

Sadly, SEO has always had this stigma of taking a long time to deliver results.

But this is only partly true and dependent on what your measurement of success (results) is.

The reality is this: you can move fast, take swift action and get results without playing a long waiting game.

If you don’t want to wait to see results, get out of the way of the SEO person in charge!

Cut out the red tape and live a little.

The results will surprise you.

Not just in SEO, but in business as a whole.

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