Metrics and online success – what really matters?

It’s already 8 days into the new year and you should already be crushing it.

I know I am. 

1. New subscribers to the email list (hello and thank you!)

2. Ranking jumps for some target keywords (always a good thing)

3. And some great engagement on social media (banter for days)

Now if your 2019 hasn’t gotten off to the same roaring start, you can chill. Because I’ve got you covered.

Now you’ve either got a website, app or video that you need to breathe some life into.

Figure out what you want to do with it, what it should achieve. And why.

The ‘why’ is very important here.

Because unless you know why you want something, you won’t know how to go after it.

If you want more people to watch your video that’s great. Who doesn’t want more views?

But why do you want more views? What does it mean to your business?

Your reasons can vary from more signups to more ad revenue or simply more brand recognition (hard to measure but it’s still something).

Ultimately it means more money for most people. And more money means better cashflow, more business stability, the freedom to do whatever… you get the idea.

Now.. to get more people to watch your video, they need to be able to find it easily or be told about it, right?

So you do just that. You share links to your video via email and social media. You write a blog post about it. TELL PEOPLE, don’t keep it a secret.

You invest in some “YouTube SEO” for your video and you get more people to find and watch your video. If they can’t find it, it’s as if it doesn’t exist. SERIOUSLY.

Make it findable. Promote it.

It’s as easy as that.

The same thing goes for your website or your app. Even if your email list – but that’s for another story.

If you can visualise the end result of what you want, it makes it a lot easier to go about getting what you want.

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