Learning web design all over again, with Dash

I found out about a new tool for learning HTML, CSS and Javascript and it’s totally free.

It’s called Dash and although I’ve been designing websites since 1997, I haven’t quite caught up to the latest standards using HTML5 and CSS3. Heck, I still like to design using tables. For what it’s worth, I stopped designing full time about 5 years ago and in the few years before that, I had to use a proprietary CMS that didn’t play well with divs or tables!

Anyway, Dash is awesome. There’s 4 projects so far and I’ve managed to get through 2 of them.

It’s interactive and you practice what you learn at every step. Plus, the guidance is actually friendly without being patronising.

I’ll be posting up more thoughts as I go along and once I complete all projects. So far, it’s been good to learn a bit more about CSS styling and responsive design.