Just be helpful!

How resourceful is your website?
I mean, really, how helpful is it?
What are you doing to truly stick out like a sore thumb?
Are you creating more problems and questions for people?
Or are you solving problems, answering common questions and being an overall great help to people?
Let me break it down for you.
I talked to a guy who does photos and videos for weddings some time ago about his SEO.
It’s a mad competitive market as you can imagine.
And his site was no different to everyone else, really.
But the most popular page on his site, after the homepage of course, was something I didn’t expect at all.
I mean, I thought one of his service pages or even the contact page would stand out.
It was a page with the best wedding love songs (essentially the most commonly requested ones).
Turns out, they get asked this A LOT and without thinking about SEO, just put this page together based on client requests.
So now, when people ask for songs for inspiration, they get sent to this page. 
He tells people that he can’t tell them what songs to choose, because it’s not his special day.
And although people know what songs they like and which ones mean something to them, sometimes people need a little inspiration.
And that’s where this page comes in!
It’s genius.
It’s a helpful resource to potential clients who are in active discussions with them.
It’s also helpful to random people who find the page via search (this is the biggest upshot). And if they match the target market, then it potentially turns into a lead.
And the best part is that this is so so so easy to implement on any site in just about any niche.
I’ve seen plumbing sites that show people common problems and how to fix them (or how not to make it worse!).
Might sound like it’s going to hurt them but you’d be surprised.
People sometimes want to know what’s wrong and how to fix it – but doesn’t mean they actually want to do it themselves.
And of course, there are people who might try a little DIY before calling the plumber but this sort of content may dissuade them from making things worse.
So the bottom line here is: be helpful.
Ease someone else’s pain. 
Make life less difficult.
It’s what you want. And what everyone wants.

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